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  1. gcbike

    Epiphone Les Paul Custom Koa

    It would be nice if Epiphone would just be honest,they used to state if a top was a veneer or solid.Regardless the koa is an excellent playing,looking sounding custom.
  2. gcbike

    Epiphone Les Paul Custom Koa

    Hello Gary, Thanks for reaching out. The Epiphone Les Paul Custom Koa model would feature a Koa veneer. Thanks again. Jason Consumer Service 1-800-4GIBSON
  3. gcbike

    Anyone else think pricing on certain models don't make sense?

    Forget about the flood?Prices didn't triple when everything was destroyed.
  4. gcbike


    Wife forcing me out of retirement,I polished the top on this classic worn les paul
  5. gcbike

    Anyone else think pricing on certain models don't make sense?

    Makes you kinda miss Henry ,at least he kept prices within reason and threw in some AFFORDABLE special editions
  6. gcbike

    Anyone else think pricing on certain models don't make sense?

    They will continue to gouge prices because people keep buying them.I'd like to know the actual cost
  7. gcbike

    The Custom Lite is it made of gold?
  8. gcbike

    The Custom Lite

    Re CL : priced accordingly LOLOLOL! I've had an 88 sunburst ,14 wine red,16 black the 88 was a true custom ,the others were classic customs.The 88 was the best and I so miss it.
  9. gcbike

    So This Happened Today...

    slim taper D neck?
  10. gcbike

    Bridget Fonda
  11. gcbike

    Anyone knowledgeable about above ground pools? Need advice...

    The weight of the ice on the cover will make water level appear lower.Word of warning leave the ice on the cover alone.if you cause that ice to move it can puncture the liner.The under side of that ice will have alot of sharp places
  12. gcbike

    Help GregV find his stolen Les Paul.

    It would help to post this in the Norlin section also.
  13. gcbike

    Yet another "Is it legit" question...

    Custom lite
  14. gcbike

    Are you color blind?

    I am ,green and brown,blue and purple,pink and grey.Couldn't be drafted cause they said I'd be a sitting duck.Really hard to find dog doo in the yard
  15. gcbike

    Sooo…..Trick or treating was an adventurous experience for me and my son tonight

    My set up,had 65 kids up 15 from last year
  16. gcbike

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom there is also a custom lite 2013 for $3200,but you can find originals for that price.
  17. gcbike

    In praise of Donna Summer

    Still have my On the radio lp
  18. gcbike

    Gibson Les Paul Custom or Axcess Custom?

    The axcess should sound same as custom lite

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