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  1. J

    My New Wallpaper

    what cable company do you work for. or Telecom?
  2. J

    Bored and lonely in Alabama...

    that was in Wilmer, not Mobile, AL. either way, funny as hell that that shit still happens anywhere. if you have seen the selection of women in Wilmer, i don't think many of you would be very surprised by the guys actions. remember, its alright to love your animals, it just aint alright to...
  3. J

    best band that didn't come from Europe?

    Brother Cane, most under-rated band in my opinion from the States. Also re-incarnated (kind of) as Slave to the System a few years back. encourage everyone to check it out. Damon Johnson is incredible
  4. J

    Amplitube iRIG for iPhone

    any chance this will ever make it to a version for the ZUNE HD? I know you have a windows version so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch in theory. Just wondering. thanks, Jeff
  5. J

    I need some help from you networking experts

    all is good now. he is working
  6. J

    I need some help from you networking experts

    offer still stands...
  7. J

    I need some help from you networking experts

    make sure you dont have internet connection sharing (ICS) service running on either of the laptops. It will make you laptop think it is the gateway and will have no knowledge of how to route you to the outside world. if you know how to enable remote management of that router and are will to...
  8. J

    The Oil Spill is caped and not leaking!

    agreed, just don't see it happening during our lifetime. I think in 10yrs, this spill will be still a problem, but we will have made no real progress in alternative means of fuel.
  9. J

    The Oil Spill is caped and not leaking!

    i do agree that BP is ultimately responsible. Problem is, at this point, until it is capped, blame doesn't matter, because, with that thing still leaking, we are all eventually going to be that ones that pay. Truth is, all oil companies as well as our government want money and greed drives...
  10. J

    The Oil Spill is caped and not leaking!

    neglect and intent are two different things. a person who is drunk and kills someone driving down the road is neglect, they had no intent of killing anyone. the accident was caused by neglect not intent. what i stated is that regardless of what lead up to it, it was still an accident. Their...
  11. J

    The Oil Spill is caped and not leaking!

    there is, just polished off some fried shrimp, crabcakes and grits at the Oyster House on the Causeway in Mobile, AL dont let the media scare you off. rule of thumb, if it smells or tastes like oil, don't eat it.........
  12. J

    The Oil Spill is caped and not leaking!

    actually, they are testing pressure readings before they actually shut the valves all the way. low pressure is bad here because it mean the oil is leaking further down. they are looking for high pressure here to make sure they are covering the source. At least that is what the BP boys are...
  13. J

    Gulf Oil spill

    UPDATE: dome placement failed. looks like the shear size of this dome was the issue as it developed ice crystals in the top about 4,000ft down which made it too boyant to decend under control even though it weighed several tons. They are trying to do a smaller dome as we speak. We also now...
  14. J

    Gulf Oil spill

    UPDATE: today they are lowering the dome over the spout and hopefully it will work. The dome is as we speak being lowered onto the pipe location and hopefully into place. Containment dome arrives at oil well site, but weather lull may end - Nation AP - ...and this is how...
  15. J

    Gulf Oil spill

    folks, i live in Mobile, AL and we are kind of at the center of it at this point as far as BP is concerned. All of their top "C" level folks are held up in our local Convention Center here trying to come up with solutions. It looks really bad, Thank god the rig is a ways off shore so that it...
  16. J

    Rained in today

    starting to flood down here in mobile as well this morning. toyota tundra just barely made it through the streets downtown on the way to work. I'll take that anyday over the oil that is going to start rolling into the bay later today from the BP oil rig that exploded last week. This is going...
  17. J

    The Greatest Rivalry In College Football

    in the south it is ALABAMA/AUBURN. Sorry northerners. Ingram for Heisman!!!!!!! AND..... OSU has been the most overrated team in the country the last few years as well as Notre Dame.....
  18. J

    Best burger you ever had ?

    had several of those, they were all good
  19. J

    Best burger you ever had ?

    local irish bar in Mobile, AL. during lunch they serve all kinds of stuff and on rare days they have something called the LA (Lower Alabama) Burger. Specs below: - 1/2lb burger made of angus beef with conecuh sausage ground in the mix - slice of pepper jack cheese - dallup of deli mustard...
  20. J

    problems with taking chrome covers off of my pickups

    Phillips Head or Flat? Sorry, i couldn't resist....

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