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  1. jadslash

    FT: 1989 MIK Epiphone LPC w/Piezo - Looking for SG

    Thanks for the offer. But this has been long gone. Also, what exactly is that?
  2. jadslash

    WTT - EMG 81 for EMG 60 or 85

    Painless exhange with @socialhero Glad it worked out for the both of us! ✌
  3. jadslash

    FS: 2008 LP Standard Chambered

    Glwts bro! Bump!
  4. jadslash


    So if i wait a very long time...... I still won't be able to afford it. :D Bump!
  5. jadslash


    Nice one swamp! Wish i had the dough
  6. jadslash

    WTB or trade for: seymour duncan custom custom sh-11

    Three year bump! Just now got back to playing and still looking.
  7. jadslash

    WTB: 2015up Gibson screwless pickguard

    Anyone got one they're not using and want to unload? I'm talking about the ones that snap into the rings. Lemme know what you want for it. Peace, Jad:slash:
  8. jadslash

    Raised inlays

    That means the rosewood shrunk a bit. You could sand the inlays til its level with the board. Just take it slow and you should be okay
  9. jadslash

    Will this hurt My guitar?

    Usually sellers slacken them anyway so it really doesn't matter. Just hope that he removed the bridge and TP or taped them up. No worries here brah
  10. jadslash

    2007 Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique Honeyburst

    Damn nice guitar here. Wish i had money for this right now
  11. jadslash

    Love child of standard and custom

    Love those 07 CCs! Congrats!! Ive always wanted an ebony one but people ask Too much for them all the time! I remember when the ebony CCs first came out, Everyone hated them because of the mac n'cheese binding. But thats what i loved about them. One day....
  12. jadslash

    WTB: Double Black Humbuckers

    Yeah, the slash set is aph-2.
  13. jadslash

    WTB: Double Black Humbuckers

    Aph-1 alnico 2 pro Neck and bridge double black. $110 shipped?
  14. jadslash

    Loaded Strat Pickguard Fender Texas specials

    Got a set of these for my strat last month, getting some sambora tones! love this set. Glwts!
  15. jadslash

    I finally got myself an LP..

    Nice man! My 1st proper LP was also a DB. Congrats
  16. jadslash

    FS: 496r and 500t set


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