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    Please Explain Aged Models?

    It's an 'either/or' deal. You either like it, or you don't. I don't get it, and never will. If you want a used guitar, go buy one. There are lots out there to be had. If you want a new one, does it really matter that the paint is missing on the edge, because Framptons' has it missing there? I...
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    What Picks are you Using?

    Anything you've tried with a little more grip? I'm almost ready to spray them with contact glue before playing to keep them straight, haha.
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    What Picks are you Using?

    When you say twist on you, do you mean they spin so you aren't playing with the end of the pick? I picked up a bunch of Dunlop Gels, and this is what is happening with me. No matter how I hold them, they end up turning in my fingers and I'm trying to play with the side of them, lol. Not working...
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    risking losing a great les paul to get a vintage dream guitar...

    Whether you love each of the two you currently own or not, it still comes down to how big and how long the dream to own the 335. That will override the love no matter what, unless it's only been a short while that you've wanted it. Hope it works out for the best!
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    Thoughts on purchasing the les paul body.

    Cool that people like to look into making their own unit, takes dedication to complete something like that. The only thing that's kind of a downside to it, is it will never be an actual factory guitar, so hopefully no reason ever comes up to sell it. Already too many fakes and knockoffs flying...
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    NGD: 2016 Standard w/killer Heritage Cherry Top!!

    Wow, finally a top that doesn't look like just two random pieces of wood shoved together. They did an awesome job there of matching up the wood for sure. So many have that ugly line running down the middle of the body, and I hate that. This one though is sweet, nice pickup there!
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    How long have you had your longest-owned Les Paul?

    These newer Studios are really growing on me, I look at them as an updated Special like those I loved in the mid 80s. This is an awesome thread, loving the stories here!
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    New Tommy Thayer Gibson "White Lightning" on the way?

    Then you're not understanding what a signature model is. Judging by your last statement, you think I'm talking about the Les Paul; and I'm not. The LP is the model, just like an SG, Explorer, Flying V, etc. A signature model is a version of a model named after a player having history with that...
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    New Tommy Thayer Gibson "White Lightning" on the way?

    Lol, your opinion I guess. Thanks for sharing.
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    New Tommy Thayer Gibson "White Lightning" on the way?

    That is the definition of a signature model. Everyone understands it's a business decision too, without people buying, no company runs for long. They do what they can to keep running, and hopefully get bigger at the same time. But the very reason a signature model of any kind was started was to...
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    How much would you pay to play a real '59 burst for an hour?

    Gotta go along with the masses here, and say zero as well. It would be cool to try something with some real history out, but paying for the chance to do so, never happen. Same way I would never shell out extra for concert seats in one of those VIP meet n greet packages. It would be all right...
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    What's up with this Donna?

    Maybe, but very doubtful. Two different angles of shots, and both have the red disappear towards the neck. Would be nice to see some more shots of it if possible, because like everyone says, a high end CS model just shouldn't end up that way. Need more info, lol.
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    What's up with this Donna?

    Color in the photo you have is ok, but check the link out in the OPs' message. That one is just horrible.
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    LP body dimensions

    Wonder who approached who in making that larger version? If he hit up Gibson to build a larger to-scale LP, can only imagine what they charged, lol.
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    LP body dimensions

    Thanks. I did know the thicknesses change, was just looking at the straight on 2D view. Must be just the photos then. Strange how they can look different. And I always thought (and had been told too, so I'm not the only one) that the Jrs/Specials were slightly different. Will have to try and...
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    LP body dimensions

    Sorry if this has been asked anywhere before, but do all regular LP models (Standard, Custom, Deluxe, etc) all have the exact same body size? I know the Juniors and Specials are different, but are the rest all the same? You see some photos with players where the guitars look just huge, and the...
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    New Tommy Thayer Gibson "White Lightning" on the way?

    Just a cash grab no matter which company it's coming out under. Most undeserving of a signature model player ever.
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    LP tremolo

    Do they not get used in the same way either? I've never gotten to play one with a Bigsby on it, so I don't know. Just assumed they were like all other trems, just an older version of it.
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    Les Paul punk rockers!

    I've loved TH right from the time I started playing, but they were so unfairly lumped into the punk genre, simply because those were the clubs they had to play in. Their music was so far beyond just the punk scene, and sad that it never got the international recognition it deserved. Still love...
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    LP tremolo

    Ok, that works too. Always good to hear the negative too.

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