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  1. longjaw

    Murphy Lab Finish Repair - Not!

    I'd BE VERY unhappy if I spent a small fortune on a specific guitar, sent it back due to a fault and it was replaced with a different guitar without Gibson checking with me first. The first guitar looks a lot better than the replacement to me.
  2. longjaw

    Just finished a guitar using the '59 Les Paul plans posted here

    Nice - what pickups are in it?
  3. longjaw

    If you had 2k to spend on an LP, what would YOU buy

    I'd look for a top-of-the-line Tokai Love Rock, like a LS186.
  4. longjaw

    Blues on a Les Paul...who?

    Holy thread resurrection! Can't believe Kirk Fletcher hasn't been mentioned:
  5. longjaw

    Do plain tops, gold tops really sound better than flame tops?

    Nonsense - no difference at all.
  6. longjaw

    1953 Gibson Les Paul Retread

    Got to be a Goldtop refin for me.
  7. longjaw

    Show your Les Paul with Bigsby

    Souped-up Epi Les Paul Custom:
  8. longjaw

    Any love for Ibanez?

    Love my 1980 AS200 (the original John Schofield model, fact fans!).
  9. longjaw

    Show ‘em off for the weekend - Tokai only!!

    My MIJ Tokais. LS75 Goldtop: LS85F violinburst:
  10. longjaw

    Opportunity to buy back my old Les Paul... Thoughts.?

    Have you played it recently? You may find that absence has made the heart grow fonder and you no longer like it. The refret and pick-up repair may have changed it's playability and character.
  11. longjaw

    Reclaiming Vintage Nitrocellulose Lacquer

    Pure madness, you must have too much time on your hands to even consider it!
  12. longjaw

    3D Printed Les Paul Junior

    Excellent project!
  13. longjaw

    NGD Damaged Guitar - Thoughts?

    Can't believe you're not naming and shaming the dealer - they sound totally unreasonable. Someone else could go through the same pain you've experienced with them. I'd feel very uncomfortable feeling like I had the chance to possibly help a fellow guitarist and didn't.
  14. longjaw

    Marshall DSL40C failed mid-gig last night

    Great idea about getting a quad of them, never thought of that! Cheers all!
  15. longjaw

    Marshall DSL40C failed mid-gig last night

    Still can't replicate the problem - as the amp is in my #1 gigging rig I can't take the chance of it happening again. I think I'll replace all of the valves and keep them as spares. If only there was a quick, easy and cheap way to test valves! Thanks for all your help gents! ;)
  16. longjaw

    Marshall DSL40C failed mid-gig last night

    Well this is frustrating! Removed an EL34 last night to see if one of those was the culprit, played for 10 minutes without any problems so obviously thought that must be the problem. I thought I'd put the valve back in, just to confirm so I did and played for half an hour with no problems at...
  17. longjaw

    Marshall DSL40C failed mid-gig last night

    Cheers fellas. Some useful advice there. Think I'll ignore the comment from @bblooz tho, as that's not helpful at all :noway:
  18. longjaw

    Marshall DSL40C failed mid-gig last night

    Looks like the video link ain't working in the first post, I'll try again here: Cheers
  19. longjaw

    Marshall DSL40C failed mid-gig last night

    Towards the end of the first set of my gig last night my Marshall combo packed in. It was making a God-awful loud buzzing sound intermittently which I thought may be due to a dodgy lead or bad FX pedal lead connection. I gradually removed my pedals between songs, in case that was the issue -...
  20. longjaw

    Gordon Smith and "Junior" single cuts

    I had a double cut GS1 from the mid to late 80s around 10 years ago and was thoroughly underwhelmed by it - soon sold it on.

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