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  1. fatbird

    New very old amp day (Tweed content)

    My first Tweed, and I am already falling in love. Sighhhhhhhhhhh Dude, great looking pair, awesome photo enjoy. :thumbs:
  2. fatbird

    Olive Green '58 Reissue

    :wow: Are you kidding me I love olive green, damn good thing I can't afford another guitar:io:
  3. fatbird

    Doggie Christmas Pic.

    :thumb: Awesome dog, great pic.
  4. fatbird

    Very Very Sad Day..

    Sorry to hear about Rambo, never easy they just become such a big part of our lives.
  5. fatbird

    Worst Thanksgiving Ever! Lost a cherished pet

    Sorry man, loosing fur buddies is tough.
  6. fatbird

    New Norlin Custom Guitar Day! This is it!!

    :thumb: Congrats on the Norlin, great that they saved the Shaws, so many times they disappear. Enjoy.
  7. fatbird

    Dark, depressing movies

    For me it was Leaving Las Vegas, It left everyone in the room looking at each other WTF! I've never wanted to see it again. Damn I was depressed, and that doesn't happen to easy.
  8. fatbird

    New Baby Day

    Another great day for you and the family, Congrats and glad to hear everyone is good.:cheers:
  9. fatbird

    Explosions at Boston Marathon..

    Very sad news, what the hell is wrong with people, if ya got a beef with someone deal with them, don't involve innocents. It means you are really a PUSSY!!! I sure hope this isn't a start of things to come.
  10. fatbird

    Vintage guitars wants to endorse me!

    Dude that's awesome news, good luck with it!!
  11. fatbird

    So i want a puppy.

    If I were to get a small dog I would adopt a rescue dog old enough to know how big it would get. I love rescue dogs.
  12. fatbird

    Thirty Years of Wedded Bliss For Me And The Wifey!

    Congrats Man, here's to many more. :h5:
  13. fatbird

    NGD : 81' Les Paul Custom Silverburst

  14. fatbird

    NGD: Holy Koa Batman

    Very nice, Koa is one of the most beautiful woods out there.
  15. fatbird

    A surprise NGD! AND and amazing Fiancee!

    I love it, congrats you two are off to a good start.
  16. fatbird

    Behind by a couple of thousand.

    Done. Hope it works out for them.
  17. fatbird

    I'm Sick Of Guns!!!

    Great pair, thanks for sharing!
  18. fatbird

    Is it ok to own both a Gibson and a Fender?

    Yes it's OK I have 7 of one and 6 of the other, and I can't play for shit, why do I have so many guitars?:hmm:
  19. fatbird

    Dog Training

    Really awesome looking dog there, Enjoy
  20. fatbird

    i just pierced my tongue


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