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    Does a goldtop sound different than an IDENTICAL LP with regular nitro?

    I have painted a goldtop guitar., actually two.. On one a powdered bronze in a can, then a clear coat. Second one was bronze already mixed. Bronze will change the sound the body has., regardless of pickups. Further shielding inside the cavities will too. Metal, powdered. sheets, all will...
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    My First Handmade Les Paul

    My own desire to make something as good as Gibson was what drove me to put on the overlays that said Gibson. I liked the feeling of someone expressing what a beautiful guitar and how responsive and playable. But, I always have told the onlookers that the guitar(s) were my own. It gave me good...
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    Cherry burst body damage/repair

    I follow Les Pauls fairly closely. Plus, people talk. Forgive me, but I have NEVER heard of the top being veneer on a Gibson Les Paul. Is there anything I can read about this?
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    Cherry burst body damage/repair

    Since when do Les Pauls have a veneer top?
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    Should i change my 2018 Ebony Les Paul Classic hardware to gold?

    They also have brass thumbwheels and posts. recommended by luthier Dave Stephens. Faber bridges with brass saddles are available on ebay.
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    How come nobody makes a “correct” ABR?

    A guy I know has been investigating this bridge effect on tone thing for a long time. As the bridge goes, he says one of the things it has to do with the material the bridge is cast from. I cannot recall the details on this but that's one issue. Another he says is what the saddles are made...
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    Epiphone ES-339 Ultra

    I googled the name, Epiphone Dot, and found a number of both reviews and for sales. There are a ton of 'em.
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    Epiphone ES-339 Ultra

    Here is a shot of the control cavity and the wiring as it exits from the end plate where the two jacks are.
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    Epiphone ES-339 Ultra

    One more time DOT 339 PC are on the label
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    Epiphone ES-339 Ultra

    I tried getting the label. It just won't photograph. It says DOT and has the serial above
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    Epiphone ES-339 Ultra

    This is a shot of the twin output jacks and the headstock back. If there's a specific shot you want, just let me know.
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    Epiphone ES-339 Ultra

    I don't know what locations on the guitar you would prefer photos of, so I'm just going to post the panel in question. Whatever else you'd like, just let me know.
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    Epiphone ES-339 Ultra

    I'm starting to think that someone has tinkered with the guitar. The label inside the F-hole says it's a DOT with serial number 311600419. There is no serial, printed - stamped or otherwise on the back of the headstock. The back of the headstock is stamped with the word "used" which I take to...
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    Epiphone ES-339 Ultra

    Well. I believe I have made a mistake. Now I believe it is a DOT, but it has the two jack output panel on the bottom side. The label inside says it is a DOT also and it has none of the upgrades that the ULTRA has, especially the little pickup at the end of the fretboard and the LED lights on...
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    Epiphone ES-339 Ultra

    I bought an Epiphone ES-339 with the stereo output jacks. Is this the one called the ultra? Does anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram.
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    Which LP is which and what's it got on it and in it

    Hey, it's been a long time since I posted in the forums and I have a question. Starting with the pre-historics, which LP model is what and what does each model add or take away? Is there a place here on forum that lists all that? There are models around now I have no idea what they have.
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    Dave Johnson R9 Perfection!!

    Very nice looking guitar. My question is, why is the binding pink?
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    What les paul copy do you think is best.

    I have to be honest. Except for their very bottom class of Burny, they are just as good as many other clones and even genuine Gibson. The only thing I don't care for with them is the poly finish. I have owned one that I gave to my elder son as his first guitar. It was a Korina Kustom. My...
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    Peter Green Les Paul Clone

    Hi guys. 3 or 4 years (or more) back (before I got sick and stopped working on guitars) someone in here posted their Peter Green LP clone that I had made and sold that ended up in the UK. The poster/owner was Ole' bugger in the UK. I'm now building a second clone of the famous Les Paul owned...

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