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  1. dango123

    New, or SG

    Can't go wrong with a custom shop, although I'd want to see a few together and spend time with them to find the best of the bunch. At the custom shop/murphy price level, you may want to consider a real 60's model as well (unless of course, you are talking about a 62 w/PAFs ;) ). A few years...
  2. dango123

    Your thoughts on this one?

    Awesome piece of folk art now! I could have imagined Zappa or Jerry G playing that one back in the day... Nicely executed as well. Who knew that these guitars would become as valuable as they are today?
  3. dango123

    New LP Juniors Anyone know what this is all about?

    Not to dissuade you from your current set of choices, but suggest you also look into an SG/LP jr if you can find one. Mine is a 62 that I picked up on CL years ago - spectacular sounding guitar that covers a lot ground with a single p90, and light as a feather. The reissues I’ve played were all...
  4. dango123

    Does this look like evidence of a repair?

    WOW! I'm referring of course to the amazing grain on the wooden table. May have been repaired at some point tho. Back to reality... I thought the original pic looked like a very well-disguised repair as well. But about that table...
  5. dango123

    Cork Sniffing Les Paul Volume/Output Question After PAFs and '50s Harness

    This is a super simple circuit, and while it's bizarre that the installer reversed the top and bottom sections, unless there is a cold solder joint in there (possible but not obvious from the pics), I would doubt the wiring is the culprit (although note that we can't see how the pickup switch is...
  6. dango123

    What makes the SG have 'the thing' that the Les Paul doesnt have..

    After playing a 6.2 pound SG (as well as a sub-6 pound Strandberg)… an 8.5 pound LP feels VERY heavy in comparison IMO. Could be my old back of course… but it’s not a subtle difference. YMMV of course ;)
  7. dango123

    What makes the SG have 'the thing' that the Les Paul doesnt have..

    I love LP's - they look uber classy and sound great. But they are usually heavy (8.5 pounds, the "optimal weight" is still pretty darn heavy). SG's (in particular, the '62 SG Jr in my avatar) are wonderfully light with amazing access to the higher frets. Mine has a P90 that just kicks ass...
  8. dango123

    GFS - VEH: My Thoughts

    Hi - I'm late to this thread but thought I'd add some additional findings... I picked up a set of used VEH's on a whim and put them in a MIM blacktop Tele Baritone that I bought 10 years ago -- always loved that guitar, but felt I could get "more" out of. The stock controls are 500K. IMO, the...
  9. dango123

    Refret and Value on a 69 SG

    As the owner of a ridiculously awesome 62 SG/LP jr, I had it re-fretted and didn't think twice about it. Didn't hurt that I had one of the best repairmen in the US do the work (Alex Glasser @ironhorse Instruments, you are a true artist). Plays like, well, the best guitar I've ever owned. Not...
  10. dango123

    1960s SG Melody Maker good offer/ selling price.

    I could see that going between 700 and 1000 tops. Changed pickup, bridge and a headstock break make this a bit of a hard sell. If it’s a player, keep it and enjoy it!
  11. dango123

    52-53 les paul goldtop

    I noticed the color issues as well, was chalking it up to bad lighting as I can't believe anyone would think it is even close to in the ballpark color-wise ;)
  12. dango123

    52-53 les paul goldtop

    I could be offbase here, but looks like this was refinished at some point - the worn look at the headstock looks out of sync with the newer-looking finish on the body. Also, the heel has an odd glue-line where the neck meets the body - this would have to be a screaming deal to make it worth it IMO.
  13. dango123

    Reissue SG Jr. pickguard shape = ?

    Thanks so much! It's a special guitar that I was lucky enough to come across a few years back. The neck is just perfect and the single P90 really covers all the bases. I had never owned an SG before this one - now I totally get the magic in these guitars.
  14. dango123

    Reissue SG Jr. pickguard shape = ?

    Has anyone else noticed how odd the pickguard shape is on some of the recent reissues? At its worst, it is comically off, but it seems to vary (I've seen some that were at least in the ballpark). Here's a 2019 reissue - note that the outward curve and dipping cutaway section of the guard are...
  15. dango123

    NGD - ‘63 Junior w/ Vibrola

    I have the same guitar - LP sticker and all, although mine’s a 62 with wraptail only - best guitar I own. Light, rings like no other and has a screaming p90. See the image by my name, that’s my baby! All original save an incredible refret and a mojoaxe bridge - made a great guitar an...
  16. dango123

    1961 to 1965 juniors

    My 62 Jr (with Les Paul script) is serial 60XXX. Neck has a chunkier feel to it - I had read that many of the 61-62's were wide/thin, definitely not mine. One of the greatest necks I've ever played, very similar to a 59 carve. Light as a feather... These are the most incredible guitars...
  17. dango123

    NGD Corsa Little Dog

    Here’s another shot of mine that shows off the flame a bit better.
  18. dango123

    NGD Corsa Little Dog

    I believe I’m LD014 - what’s interesting is that it appears that it was originally supposed to be LD013, but Larry decided to update the serial... so the laser engraving shows the 013 underneath the 014 (which personally I kinda like! As if there was a 13 superstition at play :) ). I bought mine...
  19. dango123

    NGD Corsa Little Dog

    I hear you! Production seems to have dropped off at the Corsa website but I hope we see some new guitars appearing in the new year. You do see the higher end models like the manalishi on reverb and eBay, and I’m sure they are phenomenal guitars. Having said that there is something about the...

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