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  1. RMLamey

    SG JR inbound, pics

  2. RMLamey

    Trogly Gets a Vintage 62 Les Paul SG......

    Ahhh Good
  3. RMLamey

    Trogly Gets a Vintage 62 Les Paul SG......

    I cringed when he started "working" on it. And my cringe was warranted as the next scene was superglue all over the headstock, then later taking apart the neck pup. Something that special needs to be with a luthier that won't make things worse. Otherwise, good video.
  4. RMLamey

    Best P90 Gibson guitar?

    For me...
  5. RMLamey

    SG JR inbound, pics

    Walked into my local shop, Bailey Brothers here in Birmingham, AL. As always, fabulous selection, and willing to deal. If anyone is local or stops by in there travels, ask for Waylon. Anyhoo, I've been casually looking for a single pickup guitar a while. I've looked over and played...
  6. RMLamey

    NGD Unburst , light n loud !

    Well technically not a new guitar day as I've spent a month with it making sure I could give an opinion "after" the honeymoon phase. I purchased it from a dealer off Reverb, they had some excellent pics wich I'll post a few of. Was born Feb 14 '22, Valentines day ♥️. Thought that was...
  7. RMLamey

    Please help identify this Gibson Standard

    Standard +, Desert Burst, Chrome Hardware. Not sure what pickups came in those, wiser heads will chime in.
  8. RMLamey

    Is the classic going to be lighter than a standard?

    No, not necessarily. They both vary widely in weight. I have 2 2022 Standards. One is 8.1 (faded 50s), one is 8.6 (umburst). I do however look for lighter Les Pauls, not simply because of the feel, but to my ear the lighter ones are more resonant, ymmv.
  9. RMLamey

    So one of the 2022 "Greeny" limited edition LP's is now on Reverb for $85,000

    It was listed as sold at the time I posted.
  10. RMLamey

    NGD…I couldn’t resist!

    Love mine , also got it at a great price.
  11. RMLamey

    NGD: Faded 50s Honeyburst has landed

    Been running it through a small Laney tube amp , really like this combo.
  12. RMLamey

    Faded 50s Inbound!

    I posted a "landed" thread, but I really like it, alot. I like the feel of that satin finish especially on neck. This ones exceptional as far as fit/finish as well .... spot on fret work, binding etc.
  13. RMLamey

    Help me pic an R9-

    Yes, obviously. I thought that was a given. All things equal, should have prefaced the question.
  14. RMLamey

    Help me pic an R9-

    Both equally well
  15. RMLamey

    Help me pic an R9-

    Both equally good.
  16. RMLamey

    Help me pic an R9-

    Deciding between these 2. Everything pretty close as far as weight, feel, etc. The Washed Cherry is a tad lighter at 8.5, the Filthy Lemon 8.9 if memory serves me. So down to the Washed Cherry or Filthy Lemon-
  17. RMLamey

    Crazy color mahogany SG 61

    Some cavity & pickup shots
  18. RMLamey

    Crazy color mahogany SG 61

    Plays great, can get real low action without buzz or choking. Adjusted pickup height to balance volume. Otherwise, will leave as is. Real nice example.

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