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  1. claricSTi

    show us your sexy les pauls!!

    A taste of Rootbeer never hurts
  2. claricSTi

    Plain or Flame? Which do you prefer on a Les Paul?

    I've always been a fan of plain tops. When I was looking to get my first LP, all I wanted was a plain honeyburst. Yet after playing a few I fell in love with a flame top. For me it wasn't a deciding factor. Something that plays well is really all I am interested in Here was the winner
  3. claricSTi

    What amps are you guys using!

    Until recently I had been playing out of a Vox AC50 combo. It was too much for the house so I sold it off and picked up an Egnater Tweaker Head and cab. I am thoroughly impressed with this little amp so far
  4. claricSTi

    When my LP arrives - how long to let it stabilize (temp)

    I am very careful with my LP's and try to make sure they don't have any drastic climate changes. With that said, they are instruments and are meant to be played. I would definitely pull that bad boy out and play the hell out of it. It is still a piece of wood, which is weird for me to say...
  5. claricSTi

    did you buy your LP off eBay?

    I saved for a long while with the intentions of purchasing a Standard offline. Ultimately I decided to buy something local as I couldn't justify paying 2000 dollars for an instrument that I couldn't play first. When you buy a car on ebay you get to drive it before you send payment(if you picked...
  6. claricSTi

    What's your favorite amp, and why.

    I'd have to say the Super Reverb just for those ridiculous cleans. My biggest issue with that amp is the volume. There were millimeters of movement on the dial to go from garage band volume to outdoor show volume. For bedroom/home use I have to say the tweaker. This thing is pretty damn cool...
  7. claricSTi

    NAD- Egnater Tweaker

    I finally decided to get a lower wattage amp to play at the house. I have been using a VOX AC50 until now and have always been happy with it's tone. I stopped by the dreaded guitar center and tried a few different 15 and under watt amps. There was a couple that caught my attention but nothing...
  8. claricSTi

    NGD LE Les Paul Custom Shop Peacock

    Congrats on that new gorgeous Gibby and welcome to MLP
  9. claricSTi

    Whitch is the difference between AA and AAA flametop??

    I assume old brownie is AA
  10. claricSTi

    Tried out a Les Paul Custom today.

    For that kind of money It would have to be a '68RI, every one that I have gotten to play has been amazing.
  11. claricSTi

    Evolution Of A Darkburst

    Mmmm Purty
  12. claricSTi

    TC Poly Tune App FREE from Apple. 1st 25k Downloads.

    Thanks for the heads up, I happened to misplace my tuner a while back so this is great. Especially for free
  13. claricSTi

    Evolution Of A Darkburst

    Definitely the best looking finish yet, good job man
  14. claricSTi

    Standard 08 plus

    My 08 Standard is a little over 9 pounds, best guitar I have ever played.
  15. claricSTi

    ~~NIB Shure SM58 For Sale~~

    Price drop to $75 shipped in CONUS
  16. claricSTi

    ~~NIB Shure SM58 For Sale~~

    I bought a new SM58 from guitar denter to use in a band I was in and then things went south. I attempted to return the mic to GC but they cannot refund Microphones even if they're unused. I am looking to get $85 shipped. OBO
  17. claricSTi

    Is there a Les Paul that you will never sell...?

    There is to many other things that I could do without. The guitars stay
  18. claricSTi

    Help me ID a Gibson!!PICTURES UP!!

    It only takes a couple minutes to call Gibson and find out exactly what the guitar is. I am surprised that wasn't your first approach.
  19. claricSTi

    A few Easter Photos

    That's great there is so many subaru folks here, we obviously have good taste in guitars as well:). I defintely love the color, I was planning to get a plain top in the beginning but after seeing and playing ol' rootbeer I fell in love.
  20. claricSTi

    A few Easter Photos

    They really are great cars. I've been the lucky owner for about 3 years now and have never had any problems, and that's with almost 400lb pounds of torque to all four wheels. It really makes you appreciate how stout of a platform they give you out of the box, just some basic mods and your...

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