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  1. Leiste

    NGD!!! I can't believe I bought this one - YEAH!!!

    As the title says: I really can't believe I bought this one! More than that, I'm totally amazed how cool this guitar is. . . I need to get home fast and take some more pics! Just got it out of the box and am jamming with it with my m8s! :hmm::laugh2::wow:
  2. Leiste

    Stuff owned by Les Paul himself at JULIEN'S auction

    Which guitar would YOU choose...
  3. Leiste

    The amp EVERY Les Paul-Player needs

    I at least want one!!! :slash::laugh2::lol:
  4. Leiste

    My Fenders

    Just wanted to post my Fenders here. . . then I noticed "thing" had the same idea - ah, well:naughty: And just like him: "Although I'm an LP man, I do own a couple of Fenders" (thing): My 1976 Strat: Some cheap Mexican version: 2011 Relic Custom Shop whatever blabla
  5. Leiste

    New CHAD KROEGER signature Les Paul for 2012 ?

    So, as being "the most versatile artist in rock (haha - do ya remember that ad?) Chad's a Les Paul player now. No matter what you think of Nickelback, the Blackwater was/is a pretty cool Les Paul! BUT: who can tell me what the Les Paul is he's playing on the following pics? Why not have...
  6. Leiste

    Got my this relic STRAT. . .

    . . . and loving it!!!
  7. Leiste

    GIBSON Les Paul Standard w/Bigsby in Germany

  8. Leiste

    Gibson Les Paul Classic in Germany

    sold !!!
  9. Leiste

    Every day is a - NEW GUITAR DAY -

    Every day I see a wonderful magnificent beautiful bitchin' LES PAUL that leaves me flabbergasted and that I want to put my hands on!!! I'm sure that doesn't only happen to me. . . but to YOU too!? SHOW your SPECIAL TREAT OF THE DAY that leaves you speechless!!! Here's my GUITAR OF...
  10. Leiste

    Pick'n choose one of JOE BONAMASSA's guitars

    For all the New Yorker's, Bonamassa Guitar's grand opening was Saturday in New Hartford New York. I heard, 16 guitar's from Joe Bonamassa's collection were sold at the site? Is that true? How could we afford to let them go? Or: WHO WAS A LUCKY ONE TO HAVE BOUGHT ONE? For all the others...
  11. Leiste

    The Les Paul GOLD TOP beauty site

    Unfortunately, only 20 of you have joined our Social Group: My Les Paul Forums - Offical club owned goldtop thread! , initially started by "youridol", so far! I'm sure there are tons more that have beautiful GTs to share. . .!!! I'll just start with mine here again: :wave:
  12. Leiste

    Warren Haynes Gov't Mule Guitar Rig Video

    Pretty cool . . . also shows the 12-string Les Paul! Rig Rundown - Gov't Mule's Warren Haynes - YouTube
  13. Leiste

    Gibson in trouble? Guitar Frets: Environmental Enforcement Leaves Musicians in Fear

    Deleted. . . sorry - I was a lil' too late! Original thread here:
  14. Leiste

    YOU and your Les Paul LIVE on stage !!!

    There's a reason we play a (or more) Les Paul(s): They are killer guitars to play. . . LIVE on stage!:applause: I'd love to see YOU guys in action with your favorite instrument: the Gibson Les Paul! Here's me with that heavy gauge pick: Now it's your turn. . .
  15. Leiste

    My favorite YOU-TUBE video w/Les Paul

    I just love dreaming the day away watching guys play their wonderful instruments!!! Do you as well!? Show us your favorite YouTube-vid!!! I especially enjoy all vids of hilariously funny & cool PHIL X! For example this one: YouTube - ‪HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! PHIL X 1956 Gibson Les...
  16. Leiste

    HNGD: Les Flying Paul

    Hey hey - got my Flying V today! I'm ever so happy! :applause: As it has the typical Les Paul thingies to it (pearl inlays in headstock and neck) I thought I might as well post it here and share it with you! Voila :thumb:: It fits perfectly into my collection:
  17. Leiste

    A new ZAKK WYLDE Bullseye?

    I just saw Zakk touring through Germany. He didn't bring any of his regular guitars. But he did play this version of the Bullseye:
  18. Leiste

    My beloved REVEREND USA guitars

    Both are so called Roccos. One from 2000 - the other 2005.
  19. Leiste

    What kind of a Les Paul is this?

  20. Leiste

    1974 Les Paul Never seen one like this before

    Nope, not mine! Sold in Germany. Gibson Les Paul Signature Customshop 1974, Prototyp in Düsseldorf - Bezirk 3 | Musikinstrumente | eBay Kleinanzeigen

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