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  1. Herb Utsmelz

    SOLD>>>Brand New - King of Tone

    Makes total sense
  2. Herb Utsmelz

    SOLD>>>Brand New - King of Tone

    So if a buyer has no trustworthy relationship with you, the most untrustworthy transaction method is required?
  3. Herb Utsmelz

    TRADED Friedman Butterslax 100w head

    Traded, please remove or archive.
  4. Herb Utsmelz

    TRADED Friedman Butterslax 100w head

  5. Herb Utsmelz

    *TRADED* 2013 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Hard to let this one go but putting my beautiful top 13 Gibson Les Paul Standard up for grabs. Was my main baby for years. Super slick 60s style neck with a hair of chunk to it(not sg thin). Light weight compared to my R9. Comes stock with coil taps for both pups, in/out of phase and bypass to...
  6. Herb Utsmelz

    SOLD Bare Knuckle Pickups The Mule set (double cream)

    I have a set of BKP Mules in uncovered double cream. Standard spacing, long leg, vintage braided leads, plenty of length for a LP installation. Includes box, coaster, serial card, guitar pick, and mounting hardware (minus one adjustment screw). Very good condition, shows some minor surface wear...
  7. Herb Utsmelz

    SOLD Throbak SLE-101+ Set (double cream)

    Sold, please delete.
  8. Herb Utsmelz

    SOLD Throbak SLE-101+ Set (double cream)

    As the title reads, I have a standard 101+ set (no custom unorientated magnets or any extra frills). They are currently covered with non-Throback lightly aged covers. Enough lead for LP installation. No box, rings, or installaion hardware. Asking SOLD shipped (Paypal, Venmo, Zelle) to...
  9. Herb Utsmelz

    What's the go-to Wiring Harness now that MSSC is gone?

    My favorite tapers are RS Super Pots and '13 or newer Gibson Historic pots. Caps don't matter as much to me as long as they're wired '50s style. For the full PIO experience, I like the custom set RS makes and "modern" Luxe Bees.
  10. Herb Utsmelz

    Are All or Most Reissues Great LPs?

    I've had maybe 3 dozen Gibsons (vintage or Custom shop) in my "career". Reissues are fairly safe to buy unseen. I've only had two that stand out as duds, one was new and one was used. Each had something structural going on. But as far as tone, I've been able to modify them to my liking if...
  11. Herb Utsmelz

    Why do this to a beautiful Gibson Historic

    Wait until you see a $4k Nash relic LP.
  12. Herb Utsmelz

    Thoughts and opinion on a 2008 Gibson LP R8 (Maple Syrup Burst)

    Keep an eye out on TGP also. Almost 2 weekends ago during the lull of the NFL playoffs, I found a mint '18 R7 for $2300 shipped. Deals are out there, just have to always be looking and quick to act if you see one.
  13. Herb Utsmelz

    SOLD - Gibson Memphis '64 Reissue ES-345 VOS Sunburst

    Oddly enough, the tag in my sunburst says "TDC". So yours isn't the only that's off haha. Great guitars anyway, GLWTS.
  14. Herb Utsmelz

    Please delete

    Please delete

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