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  1. JustinMcCorkle

    I have autographs coming....

    Wow Dennis, didn't know it would be that cool to ya bro. Sorry I've been away from the forum (and most everything) for a while. That is cool I'm glad you enjoyed it. Damn have I changed since then. LOL!
  2. JustinMcCorkle

    LP's and so-called "Southern Rock"

    We've done a few shows with Preacher Stone, great guys, and a killer band. I'm friends with some of the SwamDaWamp guys, awesome band and great folks as well. My Dad did some shows with Blackberry Smoke. I recently met back up with them and I can tell you those boys are bad news. You'll...
  3. JustinMcCorkle

    Dan Toler tone

    Danny has played a red strat for quite a while in his later years. I can tell you what the strat is, he bought it from my Dad. It's an American strat, bone nut, and Vintage Noiseless pups in it. He may have changed it some but to my knowledge it's the same as when he bought it from Daddy...
  4. JustinMcCorkle

    Dan Toler Benefit - Sat & Sun in Sarasota

    JT it was nice meeting ya'll! What a great thing for a great guy. Acquaintances come and go, friends don't. Danny Toler is a friend of mine and I just hope that he got some help out of the whole thing. Great to see some old faces and meet some new ones, especially you and yours JT. Had a...
  5. JustinMcCorkle

    LP's and so-called "Southern Rock"

    LOL!! Dennis, of course I don't mind you posting any photos. I'm very glad to hear that there are still so many "Southern Rock" fans. I have to agree though, it's a label that is almost unwarranted. It's simply a mixture of the same components that form and kind of rock and roll. Oh and...
  6. JustinMcCorkle

    Celebrities I wish were still here....

    Dennis I miss them too bro. Thanks for posting them! Freddy King was one of my favs. :applause:
  7. JustinMcCorkle

    F/S WCR American Steele w/ full prewired pots and caps kit NIB

    $400, The pickups and electronics are still in the bubble wrap and shipping box. Absolutely brand new.
  8. JustinMcCorkle

    F/S WCR American Steele w/ full prewired pots and caps kit NIB

    I have a set of WCR American Steele pickups with the full prewired pots and caps kit. Drop them in, drop some solder on the switch and pickup wiring and you're ready to go. This kit is the best I've used or seen and while I am far from knowing it all I've been around a few guitars, guitar...
  9. JustinMcCorkle

    2007 Supreme Goldtop GOTW#22 Mint

    Dammit I hate vehicles. You're right down the road too that's what sucks. My truck will be out of the shop next week and I'm $1000 lighter in the wallet.
  10. JustinMcCorkle

    Orange Tiny Terror - Like New

    Oh my bad, must have been the barley and hops. :laugh2:
  11. JustinMcCorkle

    Dating Lucille

    Thanks Maple Leaf! Still no cigar though. :hmm:
  12. JustinMcCorkle

    If could only keep just one of these LPs, which?

    I'd keep the Custom Lite, but I'm not the one playing them.
  13. JustinMcCorkle

    New member! Hello!

    Welcome to the forum. :thumb:
  14. JustinMcCorkle

    Pics of your first Gibson Les Paul?

    This was my first Les Paul. It wasn't a Gibson obviously. The second picture is my first Gibson Les Paul.
  15. JustinMcCorkle

    Changing a capacitor - what does it actualy do to the sound?

    I have a set of Filmores in a guitar I play a lot. I got the whole kit from Wagner, pickups, pots, caps, the works. I installed the pickups first, then plugged it in and played it. I thought killer man this thing really got a lot better instantly. I then took the old pots and caps out and...
  16. JustinMcCorkle

    Orange Tiny Terror - Like New

    $425!!?? Hell my cousin found one of those at the flea market with no tubes in it for $200.
  17. JustinMcCorkle

    Tone is in the bone

    KILLER Rigs guys. I wish I had the opportunity to hear all of them. So many guitars so many amps so little time.
  18. JustinMcCorkle

    Got my first Epi!

    I'm the same way bro. I saw the light when my R9, herc stand and all about hit the floor. Definitely, and literally laughed out loud at it. :D Not the best pics in the world but here it is.
  19. JustinMcCorkle

    Vox Night Train

    Nevermind I guess it was discussed in another thread. My bad.

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