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  1. bbaug14

    SOLD: Tokai ES210 VNT (Blonde ES335)

    Picked this up earlier this year, but it’s just not getting any playing time, so moving it along. This is the high end version coming out of Japan of the ES-335 built to vintage specs. 100% stock. Proper nitro lacquer, one piece mahogany neck, switchcraft jack and pickup selector, CTS pots...
  2. bbaug14

    Burst replicas please!

  3. bbaug14

    South Florida vintage finishing?

    May be worth sending an email anyway. I’ve had Kip do a few for me now. He does really great work.
  4. bbaug14

    South Florida vintage finishing?

    Starr Guitars.
  5. bbaug14

    New Burst Replica

  6. bbaug14

    Tokai ES-224

    Bought from Ishibashi a few weeks ago. Smooth transaction with zero issues. Tokai ES210. Love this thing. Easily better than the Gibson Custom Shop I had. I prefer it even to the Collings I had for the 335 thing. Zero complaints (other than needing new pickups, but I knew that going in).
  7. bbaug14

    Pure Kossoff

    I was always under the impression Koss used a Treble N Bass on All Right Now. Regardless, so awesome. His playing is just incredible.
  8. bbaug14

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

  9. bbaug14

    Dorothy Goldtop Restoration

    I agree, but why not an ABR-1 or the like? Why an actual wrap tailpiece? I’m not knocking it, I just want to understand why they did it.
  10. bbaug14

    '59 Burst delivered to its new owner

    Anyone know the serial number on the burst?
  11. bbaug14

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Really loving this one
  12. bbaug14

    Tom bartlett

    I had one for a time. Absolutely loved it. If the neck wasn’t a smidge too chunky, I’d still have it. The sale funded a new one though. I’ve had several Bartlett’s over the years (have two currently I purchased new from Tom). All have been fantastic. Also, what doesn’t get emphasized enough is...
  13. bbaug14

    SOLD: Ron Ellis Signature Humbuckers w/Lightly Aged Covers

    Cleaning out some parts I’ve been hanging onto. See photos below. Hit me up with questions via PM. Lead lengths are 11” on the bridge and 13.5” on the neck. Looking for $900 shipped/ppl’d. No Trades. Thanks!!!
  14. bbaug14

    SOLD: Throbak SLE-101 MKV Humbucker Pickups w/Aged Nickel Covers

    Lightly aged Throbak SLE-101 MKVs. These came out of a brand new McInturff Carolina Custom right after Terry delivered the guitar to me. Bridge lead length is 8.5” and neck lead length is 13.5”. Looking for $425 shipped/ppl’d. Would consider trade for ReWind PAF-1 set, but that’s it. PM...
  15. bbaug14

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

  16. bbaug14

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Nice! Where is the F/S ad though? Didn’t see it in member classifieds.
  17. bbaug14

    ES 335 Luthier

    Josh Williams makes a model called the Mockingbird. Not a “replica” though.

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