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  1. pinefd

    Show Your Les Paul Conversions

  2. Tire.jpg


  3. Tire Size.jpg

    Tire Size.jpg

  4. Tire Tread.jpg

    Tire Tread.jpg

  5. pinefd

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    While others may have some specific recommendations for you for tactical gloves, mechanics gloves, etc., I actually prefer using winter golf gloves. They're made for the cold weather, yet they're usually thinner, and provide greater dexterity/feel than most other gloves, while also being quite...
  6. pinefd

    Anyone else love natural wood color tops?

    Here's a Les Paul Studio Premium Plus that I originally bought for myself, and ended up giving to my son: Frank
  7. pinefd

    Show Your Les Paul Conversions

    My '54/'54 'burst "conversion", with one piece mildly blistered top, done by Tom Murphy: Frank
  8. 1903 1.jpg

    1903 1.jpg

  9. 1903 2.jpg

    1903 2.jpg

  10. pinefd

    Christmas card

    This is a repeat from many years ago, and most of these guitars are no longer with me, but I figured I'd post anyway, because...Christmas! Frank
  11. MLP Christmas Card.jpg

    MLP Christmas Card.jpg

  12. '53:'57 Conversion Top 2.jpg

    '53:'57 Conversion Top 2.jpg

  13. '53:'57 Conversion Top 1.jpg

    '53:'57 Conversion Top 1.jpg

  14. pinefd

    Do you let your dogs watch TV?

    Our cat, Myla, loves watching other cats on TV. Here are a couple of times we caught her watching cat porn when she thought no one was looking: Frank
  15. Myla watching TV 1.jpg

    Myla watching TV 1.jpg

  16. Myla watching TV 2.jpg

    Myla watching TV 2.jpg

  17. pinefd

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    Perhaps Alec Baldwin could shed some light on this mystery? :hmm: Frank
  18. pinefd

    Comment by 'pinefd' in media 'Colt:NHC 1911 1.jpg'

    Thanks! Much appreciated!
  19. '54 Blister Top Unpainted.jpg

    '54 Blister Top Unpainted.jpg

  20. '54 Murphy Burst 1 800.jpg

    '54 Murphy Burst 1 800.jpg

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