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  1. ShoalsRanger

    Pickguard nut dent prevention

    Yea. I use the soft, clear plastic ones.
  2. ShoalsRanger

    Replacing Grover Kidney buttons to Ketstone/Tulips...??

    I don't have locking tuners on my '15 Special but I changed the buttons out last year. I made a post about it during that time. I purchased the Keystones from Allparts and they were a simple and...
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  4. ShoalsRanger

    Les Paul Junior for 2018 hot or not ?

    Here you go. Found you a good deal on one. Only $4200.
  5. ShoalsRanger

    Zebra PU's lest see em'

    Did you replace the buttons/tuners on your Special or are they stock?
  6. ShoalsRanger

    Zebra PU's lest see em'

    My LP Special. Love this guitar!!
  7. ShoalsRanger

    Rig Rundown.. BITCHES! ! !

    Just saw it on YouTube. Came here to post a heads up but you beat me to it. Best Rig Rundown ever!
  8. ShoalsRanger

    2018 Les Paul Calendar

    Gather photos from the albums here at MLP. PM the owner of the pictures for permission to use. Go to walmart or some other photo retailer (or search online) and make your own for around 8-10 bucks. Just make sure you pick some high res pictures otherwise it will look grainy.
  9. ShoalsRanger

    What would you sell this for?

    This. And this.
  10. ShoalsRanger

    Bye, bye Henry...

    From last reports he was going to step down to take the food and beverage job. But the paper has him quoted saying "I am the boss". Also heard he has a TV show coming up called "Henry's High". Weird coincidence.
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  13. ShoalsRanger

    Please help me decide!

    Cool. Here's mine when I was trying out different knobs before I got my LP Special a bit over a year ago. Turned out pretty close. I have since changed the knobs to the hats w/silver inserts as pictured in the guitar editor.
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  15. ShoalsRanger

    Please help me decide!

    Don't forget to click on the horn, then click on "body" to round the horn off. :-) Or else you'll have an ESP. LOL
  16. ShoalsRanger

    Please help me decide!

    No problem. The guitar editor online is my go-to website for when I'm making decisions about how I want my LP's to look cosmetically. I have 100's of saved pictures of my LP's with different knob sets, tuning machines, plastics, etc. Here's the link in case some of you don't have it anymore...
  17. ShoalsRanger

    Please help me decide!

    Is this close? I know its off a tad but this is what I do when I'm working on a project w/no photoshop skillz. LOL. I prefer the 2nd picture with black knobs w/chrome inserts.
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  20. ShoalsRanger

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Special Plus

    Awesome!! I love my special. Bound fretboard, humbuckers, and love the buttons. Ive been hunting for a pickguard like yours to put on my '15 Special but cant find one for sale.

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