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    Plexi/Acrylic templates.

    Not necessarily expensive. Just register at a local fab lab and diy. Laser cutting really isn't a lot more complicated than printing. Getting ppi, speed, and laser power settings right for your material is key. But every fab lab with a laser cutter should maintain a wiki of these settings...
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    Ask Grumpy Old Luthier BCRGreg Thread

    Greg, hats off to you for supporting us folks with your professional expertise. Thanks for your help and time! I've just refinished a build of mine the third time using 2k poly. The reason, I've been refinishing so often is that the finish at the fretboard binding has chipped every time during...
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    Top curving jig

    Why not build yourself a dupli-carver?
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    Ask Grumpy Old Luthier BCRGreg Thread

    Now that was quick - I actually missed the message. :) I'll do that and post back how it worked. As always, thanks for helping!
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    Ask Grumpy Old Luthier BCRGreg Thread

    Hi Greg, how would you protect maple binding on a fretboard (rosewood)? The lacquer will cover the side of the binding (e.g. where the dots are), but what at the face of the fretboard? Maybe I'm just too picky. Thanks a lot - and cudos to you for keeping this thread alive! -Tom
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    les paul top contour lines driect from gibson

    maybe it is a matter of photo quality... or my eyes, but I don't see any dip (valley) on these pictures... in fact, I haven't noticed it on anyof the LPs I've held in hand either. thanks for any clarification there. cheers, tom
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    GRRR! I hate these type of situations.

    you know, I dropped my Paypal account some time ago for what they did about the Assange donations... I couldn't think of a better reason to re-open it than this! All the best to you and your wife!
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    any downside to gluing neck to body BEFORE gluing the fretboard onto neck?

    In his Unicorn build, Juha Ruokangas glued the neck and body before the fretboard... An awesome build, btw...
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    cherry top?

    Careful! Cherry is not only going to sound good. - It's also gonna look fine... :thumb: cheers, Tom
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    Pin router/Help!

    Well, I got one to give away... :) 50 years old, functional, very useful... ... but too large for my workshop after all! It comes with a lot of tools too... Maybe I should put it in the members classified section... :hmm: cheers, -Tom Edit: Alex, you beat me to it... always a bit faster ;)
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    roller bridge for string thru?

    I've done it on one of my Lill' Lucy prototypes... I'm actually very happy with the tuning stability AND the sustain. Never broke a string on it either... Cheers, -Tom
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    plenty more shots available... :thumb: cheers, -Tom
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    Thanks guys! Yeah it has a center block under the pickups and the bridge. Wood: + Sipo body & neck + Cherry top - the friend I built it for asked me to use his own wood... :) + Rosewood fretboard + Makassar headstock plate All inlays are MOP...
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    How Stella got her mojo back

    Thanks! I actually haven't ever tried pure acetone because I was worried it wouldn't adhere as well as larger quantities of ABS dissolved in acetone... Again - awesome work!
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    Well, there are 11.5mm drill bits... But be careful - the wood may tear if the hole is too tight! If the hole isn't too tight, I mostly use clamps to force the studs in. This always seemed simpler to me than using the drill press... :hmm:
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    How Stella got her mojo back

    Awesome project! :applause: Did you dissolve some binding in the acetone or did you go vintage-style (brush pure acetone and rely on the binding stripe to melt a bit)?
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    built by me pics from a friend of mine (Karl Artmann - nomen est omen ;-)) cheers, -Tom
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    Custom Tailpieces

    Yeah - the Schroeders look allright. I would like to have something more streamlined, yet not simplistic... I get your point... I have one big OFF lying around - my PU winder. Roman's TP is an inspiration to me. Specifically that it is not a straight bar, but somewhat round. What...
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    Custom Tailpieces

    Thanks! I've seen ihavenofish's thread before. So far, I've been under the impression that he is manufacturing his hardware only... Maybe he has time to join the thread... -> PM @SGLou I figured you'd like this particular SG... She's already out of my shop, but I have more pictures. :)
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    Custom Tailpieces

    Hi there - long time, no see! I am currently doing a lot of design work for my upcoming builds. The Stop-Tailpiece is what caught my attention recently. Having seen a lot of beautiful guitars around here, I noticed a custom tailpieces appear every now and then. Roman, for instance, uses a...

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