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  1. Physical_rocks

    Canada Sellers Thread

    very nice guitar here...looks like a great deal
  2. Physical_rocks

    WHAT?? Brettk/Eddies guitar cuts me a killer deal on an ORANGE!

    Brett hooked me up with a killer deal on my Orange cab... I love it...they offer killer deals for MLP members..give them a shout Brett is very easy to work with.
  3. Physical_rocks

    Flu Outbreak!

    4 Cases just found here in Nova Scotia...hang on down there Jackson50 in Mexico City
  4. Physical_rocks

    Maple neck Norlins?

    I have a 76 deluxe, thing has so much sustain..basically you can strum that axe and leave for a good half hr and come back and its still that, maple neck and all.
  5. Physical_rocks

    New gear since I was last on two weeks ago!!

    So I've been off for a few weeks but I am back with some new gear..I ended up parting with my mesa 4x12 halfback and Fender twin reverb since I needed to pay some bills but I ended up with some gear that I absolutely love..I am all for change once and a while..I had the cab and twin for the...
  6. Physical_rocks

    Pedal Order???

    So I know this has been posted probably a hundred times but what the hell..I just wanna know what the correct order for these pedals would be, this is my current order? Boss Tu-2 tuner (First) (not a problem)-->MXR Carbon Copy-->EH Small clone chorus-->Diamond overdrive/boost-->Diamond...
  7. Physical_rocks

    FS Marshall Silver Jubilee Half Stack really the top!
  8. Physical_rocks

    I was THIS close to buying my first Gibson today

    Actually happened here a few times...what the guys were doing was go into the store with there empty guitar case like they were just coming in for a lesson or back from a gig...pick up a nice axe and fiddle with it for a while..when no-ones looking open up the empty case and out you go with a...
  9. Physical_rocks

    What do you do for a living?

    Im finishing my masters in geophysics...I am currently contracted through RepsolYPF Oil Exploration and Production. I use seismic data to interpret the sub-surface offshore Suriname, South America for potential hydrocarbon reservoirs and seafloor instability's (geohazards) for rig placement and...
  10. Physical_rocks

    Look whats waiting for me in Maine

    Just bought the same orange cab from Brett down at Eddies Guitars..I wont get down to Maine for another week but I am so excited to hear what my Mesa sounds like though this...Anyone who wants Orange gear talk to Brett he can hook you up with some great deals and they offer special discounts to...
  11. Physical_rocks

    LF: Orange 2x12

    Thanks for the Great Deal Brett...I look forward to playing out with the orange cab
  12. Physical_rocks

    Wanna See Liz?

    Post more pics
  13. Physical_rocks

    please help!!!!

    Robot Guitars and chargers..does anyone find that funny..glad all's I need is my amp and I am ready to more thing you need to carry around, or do at night before you go to bed...Cell phone on the charger (check), doors locked (check) Gibson charging (check)
  14. Physical_rocks

    Is your stuff insured?

    Mine isnt but no one knows that I have a gear pile in my house
  15. Physical_rocks

    pull push?

    I thought we were talking about pushmypullyou's Now how I ask do you suppse it takes a dump????
  16. Physical_rocks

    Recommend me a OD or boost

    I love my Diamond Mk3
  17. Physical_rocks

    Help me decide on pick guard and color?

    Leopard Print seems like the obvious choice although its not an option
  18. Physical_rocks

    when it comes to les pauls, what bothers you the most?

    Yep...just dont have enough of them
  19. Physical_rocks

    For Canadian members!!!!

    Im in..

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