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  1. lazz

    Fender cables...

    I've had the same experience. Was using a custom shop one from my board to my amp and it lasted a few weeks. Terrible terrible quality.
  2. lazz

    Analogman King Of Tone

    Thanks for all the replies and I'll maybe post a wee demo when I've played it for a while.
  3. lazz

    Analogman King Of Tone

    I'm buying it used from a friend at a great price. I wouldn't wait on a list just to sell it on for a profit
  4. lazz

    Analogman King Of Tone

    Does anyone have any experience of the King of tone pedal and if so how was it? An opportunity has arisen.;)
  5. lazz

    Cornish pedals cost HOW MUCH?

    How can they stop you selling it on ebay?
  6. lazz

    NGD 2013 Traditional Caramel Burst

    Bloody lovely
  7. lazz

    Sainsbury Christmas Advert - Right or wrong?

    I work for them but I'm not sure about the ad myself. Can't decide if I agree with using the war to increase sales or not. I obviously appreciate the sentiment of the ad but I don't see where it sits with the buisiness.
  8. lazz

    Mij 72 reissue telecaster

    Hi Looking at one of theses today it's an 84/85 Japan 72 reissue in natural. Great condition. Anyone have any hands on experience of these? I've heard the mij of that time are very good. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers
  9. lazz

    NGD 2005 Honey burst faded

    Lovely HNGD
  10. lazz

    Neo Mini Vent

    It would appear not lol thought it might get close though
  11. lazz

    Neo Mini Vent

    Kinda like the SRV cold shot type thang
  12. lazz

    Neo Mini Vent

    I've just bought a neo mini vent pedal and I'm looking for a specific tone from it. Does anyone have one and have you tried the programable presets? Thanks
  13. lazz

    The Dirk Ziff Burst Collection

    Greedy so n so lol
  14. lazz

    NGD: Midtown Custom *PICS*

    Nice addition to the family
  15. lazz

    NGD! 1981 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Tobacco

    Lovely looking guitar
  16. lazz

    Gene Simmons

    He's just promoting the new Kiss merchandise. The Kiss suicide booth, plays all the rocking hits while you kill yourself.
  17. lazz

    NGD: 2014 R9 Tea Burst

    That sir is a stunner. Congrats
  18. lazz

    NGD - Suhr Modern Pro Config 4

    Very cool
  19. lazz

    OOOOOPS!!!!! Apple CEO Tim Cook Outed as Gay on TV By CNBC Co-Anchor Simon Hobbs

    It's a non story in the first place. What does it matter who's gay or not?
  20. lazz

    Metallica at Glastonbury

    I thought ferry was awful, each to they're own I suppose

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