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  1. Zylo

    Romanian competitive slapping sport has come to America.

    now ladies, you always wanted mixed gender sports. this is something that you should defintely partake in. i would for one be prepared to buy tickets to watch sharon getting slapped by steve ( all in the name of sport of course)
  2. Zylo

    Trollin' Greta Thunberg

    At least tate got her thinking about dick... thats what a girl of her age should be thinking about..
  3. Zylo

    Anyone Else Just Fine With Only One Les Paul?

    Well i have 4 guitars and i cant even play 4 chords.. hope that answers your question.
  4. Zylo

    Balenciaga. WTF?

    Try doing this in Qatar, and see if they accept this nonsense.
  5. Zylo

    Nikolas Cruz Parkland Shooter Trial

    i have a simpole solution.. all those millions in Prison... take them out, make them clean streets, waterways, woods etc etc make them payback society instead of us paying to feed and cloth them.
  6. Zylo

    Quiet Quitting and Quiet Firing. A guide to passive aggressive employment.

    It's fair to say, We have moved on from our young carefree rebellious selves to being the old farts.
  7. Zylo

    Quiet Quitting and Quiet Firing. A guide to passive aggressive employment.

    The current older generation will look down with disdain on the current younger generation.. The current young generation when they get older will look down on the young generation of their time with disdain.. always has been and always will be....
  8. Zylo


    Of course, Steve apparently likes to use natural fertilisers, so I obliged.
  9. Zylo


    yes i just had one. thanks for asking.
  10. Zylo

    I got a problem

    A white guitar getting discoloured? Now that really is a problem!
  11. Zylo

    Line of Succession to the throne

    Why is My name not on that list?
  12. Zylo

    Who is better- Steffi or Serena

    Gabriella sabatini End of argument
  13. Zylo

    The Ultimate Karen

    Karen's made it across the pond! Thanks
  14. Zylo

    Any tea drinkers?

    Tetley for me
  15. Zylo

    Why Do Amps Have Tone Controls?

    well its like having a car. the more buttons you have on your dash the better?
  16. Zylo

    Disgusting abuse by so called dog trainers

    Not watching it some people are not capable to look after themselves, nevermind looking after animals
  17. Zylo

    My career has now ended.

    damn, the local Donut stores revenue will drop another 5% doh!
  18. Zylo

    Gold and Silver (How to put an end to the governments efforts to keep you poor)

    So im guessing the thread creator has become so rich he's too busy globetrotting in his super yacht than to have time to check in and give us a progress report?
  19. Zylo

    How to get your family and friends to stop talking about politics

    best way to do it.. like at work, when someone tries to bring up politics, i simply say, sorry mate, i dont do politics. its all the same to me.
  20. Zylo

    I got pulled over last night. F the police, and their F'n quotas.

    see this is where you handled it wrong this is 2022 and you have to roll with the times. what you should have done is this let the officer approach you, after they say, can i see your ID sir you reply, how dare you call me sir, i identify myself as a woman, you are gender profiling me based...

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