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  1. LtKojak

    Which dimarzios are these ?

    DC reading, please.
  2. LtKojak

    Winders-Any Advice?

    Went out of business last year.
  3. LtKojak

    Awesome '57 Classic Magnet Swaps

    What do you mean by that? Care to elaborate?
  4. LtKojak

    Cleaning up the mud on a 490R

    Oh, man; this myth must be the hardest to die of the whole music industry... specially when the T-Top and the 490R are polar opposites. The short A5 modded 490R actually sounds BETTER than the T-Top when put in the bridge position, but in the neck there's simply no comparison. Night and day...
  5. LtKojak

    Aftermarket Humbuckers Suggestions

    Of course! :cool: What did you expect...? :hmm: :dunno:
  6. LtKojak

    Aftermarket Humbuckers Suggestions

    + 1. My favorite set Is the "Vivid's" set. Sound like a million bucks. Tell Craig that Pepe sent you, and you'll get the "Royal treatment".
  7. LtKojak

    What pickups are these?

    Those are asian-made, not worth much hard-earned coin. They might sound OK if you change their baseplates with nickelsilver ones (assuming they're physically compatible) and magnets to Alnico 2. HTH,
  8. LtKojak

    ID these 80's double cream Dimarzio pickups please?

    No DC Readings, no can do. :dunno:
  9. LtKojak

    In defense of the "humble" SD '59

    Well, the ones from late '70s seem to have a higher tonal quality than nowadays', although the newer ones are more than decent, specially modded with any alnico magnet but the stock one.
  10. LtKojak

    Alnico Magnets

    Alnico 4 is not part of the official list of the MMPA, the reason being explained on pag. 3 in the MMPA Standard No. 0100-00 document, and I quote: Alnico 4 falls into the (b) and (c) paragraphs. IIRC, A4 is a developement of Arnold Industries. MAGNETIC MATERIALS PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION 8 SOUTH...
  11. LtKojak

    Can't find Burstbucker 1 or 2 at Gibson's website. Are they discontinued?

    There are a LOT of current production items and accessories that are NOT listed. Not to mention that half of the published information is wrong and the other half's simply not true. Gibson's website have always sucked donkey balls, and with time's not getting any better.
  12. LtKojak

    New 50s Style wiring harness for Les Paul and 335 You're welcome. :cool:
  13. LtKojak

    In defense of the "humble" SD '59

    Modded '59 sets' been the most successful overall, covering from high-end custom-made instruments to humble pawnshop Epis in my over fifteen years as a moonlighting Guitar tech. I currently use an A3n/A2b-modded, nickel-covered '59 set with my ES-339, which is my main axe for my Smooth Jazz...
  14. LtKojak

    Wizz pickups website?

    In the friggin' HOMEPAGE it's written; "Webshop will re-open in February 2020" Are those words difficult to understand?
  15. LtKojak

    Gibson Braided Wire vs. Aftermarket

    Unless they got a shipping of 3-strand by mistake or unexpected unavailability, so there's not actual record of it, Gibson never sourced 3-strand braided wire. Never have, probably never will. Does my "of course" answer makes more sense now? Forum personalities... I'm sure the irony of your...
  16. LtKojak

    Gibson Braided Wire vs. Aftermarket

    What was the question?
  17. LtKojak

    Gibson Braided Wire vs. Aftermarket

    Of course!
  18. LtKojak

    Anyone idea what this is?

    They're cheap, ceramic OEM p'ups of Asian origin.
  19. LtKojak

    Is there a way to ID a pickup magnet?

    If you do it right, no.
  20. LtKojak

    Is there a way to ID a pickup magnet?

    Your initial assumption is correct: ceramic magnets don't produce continuity when poked with a Multimeter. Alnico ones do.

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