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  1. Kapten Kork

    Micawber style Tele owners??? (HB neck/tele bridge)

    I have a tele that I bought a Leslie's PAF for. It measure ca7k and have an A4 onboard. As I got it it balanced good with the dm area hot t in the bridge. However, the area didn't sound as good as I wanted. There was something artificial about the sound. Anyway, I got me a zhangbucker super...
  2. Kapten Kork

    Pearly Gates Bridge vs Seth Lover Bridge

    In your situation I would have changed the magnet to an UO al5 or an al8 depending on how hot you want it. Done it a couple of times and have been pleased with the results.
  3. Kapten Kork

    Dropped a set of Sheptone Tributes in my SG, Holy Cow! (video)

    Sounds great How did the tone change with the magnet switch? More or less treble? More clarity? Warmer? More or less bottom?
  4. Kapten Kork

    burstbucker 1 and 2, potted?

    I thought that the BB:s that came with CS-guitars where potted?
  5. Kapten Kork

    Mods with resale in mind

    One option can be to buy/use something you really lik. If/when you flip the guitar put on something cheap and keep the good stuff
  6. Kapten Kork

    Greco Pickups

    I have a pair of "screaming" wasn't to happy with the tone as I wanted more of a wintage tone. Changed the bridgepickup magnet to a alnico 8 and the neckpickup magnet to a alnico 4. The pickups got more vintage sounding really quite good. It wasn't either expensive or hard to do. I can really...
  7. Kapten Kork

    strings gauge for les paul

    As I read theese threads I'm always supriced that so many use so light strings. Maybe its just me but as the energy goes up on a gig the lighter strings just dies instead of getting more sound out of them. I'm sure that I will get comments in line with. Work on your technique or something...
  8. Kapten Kork

    Broken Guild minihumbucker -66

    Ok not good at this with pictures hope this works
  9. Kapten Kork

    Broken Guild minihumbucker -66

    Im not sure its epoxy. From what I heard its possible to rewind. Anyway thought here might be some winder who had worked with this type of pickup and could share a way to get the black stuff off the coils. Michael
  10. Kapten Kork

    Broken Guild minihumbucker -66

    Really want to know how to fix do you get the black stuff off? Michael
  11. Kapten Kork

    Broken Guild minihumbucker -66

    Actually I first measured it in the circuit. Started with measuring at the output jack. Bridge pickup 6.7 kohm, neck ca 250kohm . Then I measured at the back of the pickup. Same result. After that I disconnected the pickup and it measured open. I have no Idea why it still sound but it does...
  12. Kapten Kork

    Broken Guild minihumbucker -66

    I have trouble with a Guild humbucker that reads open. I noticed that the tonepot didn't work and after some detective work I found out that the neckpickup was Reading open. The strange thing is that the guitar sounds good and the neck pickup isn't sounding all that different than the...
  13. Kapten Kork


    Sorry wrong reading but bigger problem.
  14. Kapten Kork

    LP Custom rare colour vs ordinary black value

    The guitar is in Europe and he's asking something like equivalent of 3300 $ its in unused condition but.....
  15. Kapten Kork

    LP Custom rare colour vs ordinary black value

    Its actually not the guitar at MF but a used one that I'm intrested in. I try to figure out what to pay for it. M
  16. Kapten Kork

    LP Custom rare colour vs ordinary black value

    Yeah I liked the look to, anyway I don't think it sold very fast .If I'm correct its from 11. That's good cause it probably have a ebony and not a richlite fingerboard. But it also tells something about how easy it is to sell if you want to move on. So what do you think a seconhand one will...
  17. Kapten Kork

    LP Custom rare colour vs ordinary black value

    I'm looking at a CS custom R7 in Tv silver and think it looks really cool however as I like a ok deal I'm thinking about its second hand value. Is it higher or lowet compared to a plain black one if all else is equal? Gibson Custom 1957 Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar TV Silver |...
  18. Kapten Kork

    Gibson TV Silver LP Custom

    Old thred but I was looking at a guitar like this an wonder about the second hand value of such a guitar? Should it be the same or lower/ higher than a black one?
  19. Kapten Kork

    magnet for underwound P90

    That's probably wise. I think for a while and probably go for the A8 magnets.

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