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  1. niceguyrichy

    Who enjoys a good cigar?

    used to regularly partake, but gave them up when i got together properly with the missus it's one of her very very few 'things' that she just won't have. she lets me off with so very much other shit i have to respect it back in the day smoked Bolivar mostly
  2. niceguyrichy

    Dog Shoot!!!

    cute dog :) he's no cat though... :P
  3. niceguyrichy

    Vehicle extended warranties?

    re third party warranties, just far far too many horror stories
  4. niceguyrichy

    American Idiot - The last hurrah of rock in the mainstream?

    yup was forced to listen as the kid was into it pretty sure if you weren't 12 years old when it came out, then it wasn't ever gonna mean much to you tbh..
  5. niceguyrichy

    Flooring? Tile, wood or laminate?

    ^ that it's what i put in our kitchen, been abused beyond belief for years & years, still going strong
  6. niceguyrichy

    F1 fans - RIP Andrea deCesaris

    sort of a legend for us old Jordan fans shame go read Joe Saward's blog, he explains the flags
  7. niceguyrichy

    holy crap I thought my cat just died!

    you'd be surprised what those little beggars can withstand i have a 3 story house, with big drops between floors, i've seen my cats more than once lose balance & plummet straight down 12 - 13 feet, no worries whatsoever even when they seem to land real unpleasantly shameless pussy pic...
  8. niceguyrichy

    Does the "unboxing experience" matter to you?

    a premium product needs to come in reasonable packaging imo, if they don't pay a little attention to how it's presented in the first place, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the product itself having said that, if the product itself is junk (Beats), then it doesn't matter a fvck how...
  9. niceguyrichy

    Got myself a mechanical keyboard [Geek alert]

    once you go mech you never go back :) had a CM Storm Quickfire with black Cherry's for a good while now, great board wish to hell i still had my IBM's from back in the 90's, but heigh ho lot of the modern stuff is quality enough
  10. niceguyrichy

    Am I Weird Or What?

    this very topic came up on another board, i got told i was total weird the instant i admitted that i always eat pizza with a knife & fork and always had i don't think you're weird dude, it's everyone else, they're just wrong :thumb:
  11. niceguyrichy

    How do you prefer to go away?

    ^ that
  12. niceguyrichy

    Cat bite fever

    damn she was unlucky, they're not usually that bad but if you do get properly bit always always go get a tetanus top up and have it properly cleaned
  13. niceguyrichy

    Cheap Hooch(Guilty Pleasures)

    the way the world is these days the old actual bottling process for wine doesn't mean shit any more, so buy the right box stuff and you're getting the same thing as you would in a bottle anyway wine really has gone to hell in a handbasket the last 10 years or so, it's a real shame :( anyway...
  14. niceguyrichy

    Soccer moms vs contact sports

    I cut myself slicing a tomato for a sandwich the other day WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THAT A RAZER SHARP KNIFE COULD BE DANGEROUS IF NOT USED CAREFULLY !!??!!?? who do I sue ? :rolleyes:
  15. niceguyrichy


    was looking for something and stumbled on a couple of old pics of one of our bundles of monster beasts from ages back too cute to not share :)
  16. niceguyrichy

    the most dangerous selfie ever taken

    so why is it every other "selfie" i see on t'interwebs is someone posing next to another person who looks like they'd really rather not be there ??? :hmm: i assumed that the very definition of the word was something like 'piss the hell out of any friends you might have left by randomly...
  17. niceguyrichy

    Enjoy your children parents. They grow up so very fast

    i tuck a wee note in my daughters bag every day before she goes to school it basically says - "the minute you turn 16 I'm kicking you out and reclaiming my damn house." i think she really appreciates little gestures like that :)
  18. niceguyrichy

    the most dangerous selfie ever taken

    i haven't let anyone take my picture since i was 15 years old the 'most dangerous selfie ever' is gonna be when someone tries to take one with me...
  19. niceguyrichy

    Exile on main street VS. Physical graffiti

    ^ that Sticky Fingers is one of the the great rock albums, right up there with PG :)

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