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  1. Rankelson

    A few questions for the UK folk ...

    South Wales is a most wonderful part of the U.K Beautiful scenery and friendly locals with a penchant for drinking and music You can trade your darling wife in for a Sheep We have such open minded Ewes here near Cardiff :naughty:
  2. Rankelson

    I kicked the soda habit.........

    Its is so important to check ones Poo-Be certain there is not a dent at the end of one :naughty:
  3. Rankelson

    What bands would you like to see cover what songs?

    Wolfmother to Cover Symptom of the Universe [Black Sabbath]
  4. Rankelson

    Best wife joke ever?

    During my Wedding to my Somali Wife I noticed my future Brother in Law placing a wedding cake on the reception table,which was made of shjt I asked if this was a local custom He replied "It will keep the Flies off your bride :D
  5. Rankelson

    Ozzie Confirms New Sabbath Album And Tour

    Sabbath without Bill Ward does make this new venture a little less exciting But Ipmmi and Geezer are still cooking
  6. Rankelson

    Brit Accents

    The South Wales Accent has the dulcet/Tonal quality of a Les Paul custom through a Marshall JCM 800 Stack :D :thumb:
  7. Rankelson

    The Burnys at Work

    Fernandes-a gorgeous guitar:thumb:
  8. Rankelson


    I found thisMovie Vapid and as inspiring as a Lil Wayne guitar solo:naughty:
  9. Rankelson

    Baghdad is being taken back

    You can never Apply the rules of the Geneva Convention to a society That truly believes in an 8th Century Fable Gaddafi Duck and Saddam Insane are the Pertinent Leaders for these societies Lets just stay the Hell out of their business for the next 1200 years
  10. Rankelson

    Baghdad is being taken back

    Bearded Nutters in Pyjama's and Flip Flops-Driving Tanks bought by the Western Tax Payers :naughty:
  11. Rankelson

    I have issues with Planet of the Apes

    Planet of the Gapes:naughty:
  12. Rankelson

    Brasil World Cup

    Heath and Safety was better in Mogadishu than it is in Qatar :naughty:
  13. Rankelson

    What to do in Alabama? Brit's first trip to America

    This is So True-Sanity-I have punched well above my weight, with American girls,because of my Welsh accent:) Lapping on the Oyster,should be fine-It only tastes like shellfish :naughty:
  14. Rankelson

    I'm not gay,....

    Being a Reformed Gay Zoophile i admire your transparency :D
  15. Rankelson

    Favorite rock riffs?

    Gosh Thumps !!! Thats like asking a Dog whose balls he likes to sniff the most :D Black Sabbath And Kiss have just some lovely Riffs
  16. Rankelson

    Six Nations starts today!!

    Sacre Bleu Allez France 24 V 22 Le Rost Boeffs :D
  17. Rankelson

    Six Nations starts today!!

    Zut Alors!!! Le Roast Boeffs are bashing Le Frogs:naughty:
  18. Rankelson

    Six Nations starts today!!

    Why not,San The Welsh are The Master Race:naughty::naughty::naughty:
  19. Rankelson

    Six Nations starts today!!

    Very Excited Wales are having a tough time from the Italians but win Wales 23 V 15 Italy

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