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  1. ace924

    BC Rich Help anyone ever......?

    Ah, a local Motorcity rocker as myself. TY
  2. ace924

    BC Rich Help anyone ever......?

    Thank you, one thing this forum has always been good for, knowledge! I personally never seen one of these either.
  3. ace924

    BC Rich Help anyone ever......?

    Anyone ever see one of these. My friend found in his dad's attic, age, worth? Headstock looks weird, paint looks to be custom. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I could not find any info anywhere.
  4. ace924

    What's on YOUR workbench right now? Something I start in summer, finished up in November. Specs: Ash Tele Body (Heavy AF,12 frickin pounds), Minwax Stain, Nitro Lacquer Clear, Mighty-Mite neck, DiMarzio Pickups: LiquiFire in neck & Super D in bridge (the Hessman set), 3-way switch, CTS...
  5. ace924


    What is every one using for vocals in the home studios? Whether it be rack mount, plugins, etc. We just cant get that "quality" vocal sound. My singer has a lot of stuff, and no clue what it is, LOL. So I need some notes/ideas.
  6. ace924

    What is the cheapest guitar you own and what do you think of it?

    Hard Luck Kings "Lady Luck" $169. She screams!
  7. ace924

    Anybody Else Building a Frankenstrat Right Now?

    Did my take for a charity auction for my daughters school in March.
  8. ace924

    Tophat/Bell Knob options

    This guy does great work.
  9. ace924

    Post an original song you wrote!

    A little instrumental I wrote over lockdown. I came up with the clean picking riff around Christmas. in about a day, day and a half I developed it into what you will hear. I am not a shredder. Recorded using my LP Standard equipped with Dimarzio LiquiFire & Super D. Tascam 1800 interface...
  10. ace924

    Frankenstrat paint job

    that would be interesting ! I did get blue and white reflectors!!
  11. ace924

    Frankenstrat paint job

    here she is! not exact which was inteneded but some familiar lines. But i like result. now hopefully the event doesnt get canceled (may date).
  12. ace924

    Frankenstrat paint job

    Thanks for all the input. I like I said it is for a fund raiser for my daughters school. So it will be in the school colors, blue, silver & white. I am not going to sand but I am going to clear it, specialy if some one wants to make it a wall hanger. I will post pics when I am done painting...
  13. ace924

    Frankenstrat paint job

    and I am using rattle cans through automotive touch up co.
  14. ace924

    Frankenstrat paint job

    your probably correct. no wet sanding will probably be the way I go.
  15. ace924

    Frankenstrat paint job

    yes I am good with the masking process, I just curious about the "ridges" I kinda want it smooth, at least the top.
  16. ace924

    Frankenstrat paint job

    So I am doing a take on a Frankstrat design for my daughters school. Which I have never tried. Question is, do you; I am using an automotive base/clear system. 1) wet sand to level paint lines 2) leave em and clear 3) leave em and try to build up clear and level clear??? Any help is...
  17. ace924

    Routing in a middle pick up. where do I get a template?

    yes, BYO Guitar Kit
  18. ace924

    Routing in a middle pick up. where do I get a template?

    If reply is directed to me YES. Yet to be finished, The cheap veneer of the kit split while wet sanding so I got bummed out and has been set it aside. I will finish it up soon. FYI it is a piece of cake.
  19. ace924

    Post Guitars You Built

    Some of my novice work. The Frehley Tribute start off great unitl I went to do some wet sanding. The cheap veneer bubbled and split in few places, :( so no finished pics since it has been sitting. The special was built a a fund raiser auction for my daughters school. The cheap $125.00 kit...

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