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  1. coldsteal2

    RIP Grant Imahara

    He was great in that internet version of Star Trek, he was too young
  2. DSC00099


    LP Studio Dec 2016
  3. Jan 4 Strat At Tat Tat

    Jan 4 Strat At Tat Tat

    EJ Strat Jan 2017
  4. coldsteal2

    What is Jennifer Connelly's best film?

    Dark Water 2002
  5. coldsteal2

    Jack Bruce has died.

    Oh man, sad day!
  6. coldsteal2

    Shootings inside and outside the parliament in Ottawa

    They notified NORAD, whats up with that?
  7. coldsteal2

    I See Quite A Few "OG's" Still Here

    Still kicking
  8. coldsteal2

    Happy Birthday coldsteal2!

    you know how it is when you are watching Porn haha hate to get up
  9. coldsteal2

    Happy Birthday coldsteal2!

    61 that is the base age for Dirt hahah:applause:
  10. coldsteal2

    Happy Birthday coldsteal2!

    Thanks! Im still alive! haha
  11. coldsteal2

    Any Skydivers out there?

    Yep static line jumps in the Army, but I never had a free sky dive like the Spec Ops guys and HALO
  12. coldsteal2

    Successful Rockers That Were Tone Deficient

    Good to see you also, had a rough summer health wise but doing better now
  13. coldsteal2

    Successful Rockers That Were Tone Deficient

    Yea where im from Tone Deaf means you sing off key always too sharp or too flat
  14. coldsteal2

    3300 guitarists play 'Smoke On The Water'

    My drummer friend did the Drum one
  15. coldsteal2

    U2 gives away new album for free, click here to get it

    they have to give their music away these days
  16. coldsteal2

    Apple watch

    I had that Computer watch back in 81! major purchase!
  17. coldsteal2

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    What a coincidence, I just got through watching a special on Winchester 73 on the outdoor network. And the guns of the Little Big Horn also had the Winchester 73 Now I want one, I want one in .44 magnum
  18. coldsteal2

    Newer Uriah Heep

    I love Uriah Heep, I was a dedicated fan

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