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  1. cnew

    Best acoustic for $500?

    In my opinion the best all-solid, non Chinese made acoustic is the Seagull SWS series. Around $500 Canadian, these things whoop any Martin, Gibson, or Taylor I've played or owned. I ain't shittin' you
  2. cnew

    How do I yellow a finish?

    Anybody? Someone must know something...I hope
  3. cnew

    How do I yellow a finish?

    I recently sprayed a Telecaster of mine in a white blonde, with Watco lacquer. It has been over a month, and she is all sanded and polished up. I now realize that it would look better with a slight amber tint to it. SO... how would I go about yellowing the finish in the sun? For how long...
  4. cnew

    Direct mount Tele neck p/up

    The pickup I bought to put in the rhythm position of my telecaster did not come with any mounting hardware. I would like to body mount the pickup since the 5-screw guard did not come with mounting holes, nor do I like the look of it mounted to the guard. What size and length screw do I need...
  5. cnew

    Amp porn - guts shots wanted

    Here's my 5E3 I built:
  6. cnew

    Anyone have a cross or emblem etched on your guitar?

    If you must have one carved in, why not do a small cross inlay in the same place as the inlay on SRVs Lenny? That would be neat lookin'
  7. cnew

    Remove chrome to leave nickel

    Sweet! As long as it doesn't cost more than the parts themselves I'd be happy.
  8. cnew

    Remove chrome to leave nickel

    Plenty of resources, as demonstrated above.
  9. cnew

    Remove chrome to leave nickel

    There is copper and nickel under most chrome. I've talked to a few old guys in metal plating, that's the way it's done. You can't just plop the chrome on anything. Thanks for the advice
  10. cnew

    Need a Gibson custom shop decal

    He's not playing it enough then! I like 'em natural
  11. cnew

    Remove chrome to leave nickel

    I would like to remove the chrome plating on a bunch of parts, mainly because I very much dislike the cold, bluish tint that it has. I know that nickel is plated under chrome, and I would like to strip ONLY the chrome. Is there any home solution to this, such as vinegar or some other acid...
  12. cnew

    Need a Gibson custom shop decal

    What the hell happened to the paint on that perfectly good guitar? I thought you put on the decal after the color coat, no?
  13. cnew

    a guitar that isn't overpriced

    I've never been to a real pissing match, but boy was this one fun!
  14. cnew

    White lacquer tint/pigment

    Wow, is that ever cool! Looks like pickling stain. The grain in mine stands out a lot more than the photo shows. Yeah 50 drops is less than a teaspoon. And it wasn't the most accurate way of measuring, but it turned out pretty good I think. :)
  15. cnew

    White lacquer tint/pigment

    Here she is after the color coats are applied. I mixed 50/50 lacquer and acetone, with about 50 drops of the white Mixol pigment per 6oz. This was after 4 coats with a HVLP:
  16. cnew

    Your Least Favorite Guitar Tones

    I've never understood the hype about Zakk Wylde or Slash. Terrible in my opinion, and to say Wylde overdoes the harmonic squeals is an understatement. Unlistenable. Anyone can get Slash "tone" with some gain and a humbucker, throw in some wah if ya like. Bland, cookie-cutter, uninspiring.
  17. cnew

    Best tube amp for bedroom levels

    That was the joke, although "one heck of a list" would suffice
  18. cnew

    How? When?

    Its YOUR cost-benefit analysis, you shouldn't have to ask us. You know what you want, only you know what's best for you
  19. cnew

    Best tube amp for bedroom levels

    Someone needs to make a giant list of ALL tube amps up to 15 watts, and sticky the damn thing. This topic has been brought up so many bloody times
  20. cnew

    Broken les paul!

    JJ you are either a complete idiot or a giant troll.

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