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  1. TheHarleyMan2

    Allen Collins Firebird III back from the dead

    Boy I wished I had the money! Lynyrd Skynyrd and especially Allen was the reason I took up guitar in the first place! My very first guitar was a 1976 Gibson Firebird...
  2. TheHarleyMan2

    An Amazing Find! 1960 Gibson Les Paul Burst!

    I wonder what happened to the link? I just want to drool! :drool::drool:
  3. TheHarleyMan2

    Here's a convincing dissertation on why we love reliced guitar

    She is HOT! I Want You To Drug Me Do It For Drug California Drug Unconditional Drug A Baltimore Drug Thing Drugs And Losers Space Age Drug Song Shot Of Drugs Crazy Drug Drug In An Elevator Lost In Drug Drug And Happiness Drug Of Mine Make A Little Drug Tonight Share Your Drug With Me Have You...
  4. TheHarleyMan2

    Who Remembers When The Family Doctor Came Right To Your House ?

    I grew up in Northern VA, I remember mine, he made house calls and carried his little leather medical bag! His name was Dr Malta this was around mid 1960's to early 1970's. It seemed after 1971/72 we were having to go to his office. I remember the first time in his office he had a skeleton of...
  5. TheHarleyMan2

    Remember that couple who did GoFundMe for the Homeless guy? Turns out the entire thing was a scam

    Funny thing about Go Fund Me? People who actually are looking for help because they are in dire need, like someone without health insurance needing medical assistance, needing help to bury a loved one without life or burial insurance. Those only get a 1-2% of what they actually need! I know...
  6. TheHarleyMan2

    Firebird -"ish" build

    I was going to say leave it and just relic it, but I hadn't been here in a while. Looks good Peter!
  7. TheHarleyMan2


    It is sad that people have lost everything to include some peoples lives because of the wildfires. Makes you wonder how many vintage guitars were destroyed and if anyone evacuating saved them before they got hit with the wildfires? It seems a lot of territory is burning pretty bad and hope...
  8. TheHarleyMan2

    Is this a 1991 celebrity classic?

    I know this is an old post but I bought mine from this girl back in 1994 for $600 She said she bought it new and took lessons for about 2 months and lost interest and put it in the closet. Needless to say she couldn't find the COA for it. I love it and it still rocks out. Lately I been wondering...
  9. TheHarleyMan2

    Struggling with les Paul custom

    Just a recommendation. I would also top wrap your tailpiece so your strings are not digging in the back of the bridge, (in my opinion it makes for better sustain when the tail piece is all the way down) and also gives to better intonation when having to adjust the saddles. I do my own set ups...
  10. TheHarleyMan2

    Eight Million Headstock Breaks In The City; This Is One of Them.

    Yeah I didn't like his idea of rubber tubing to bring in the headstock, I thought it was interesting the way he inserted the carbon fiber rods through the headstock and neck! The other video the guys jig is pretty cool, but definitely overdid the splines on the repair! Yeah like gold...
  11. TheHarleyMan2

    Eight Million Headstock Breaks In The City; This Is One of Them.

    Here is one video of a guy fixing that type of break. Here is another
  12. TheHarleyMan2

    First Build: Explorer plus a couple questions

    I NEVER seen any maple necks on any Gibson Explorers and they were ALL mahogany. I have owned several 1976's, a 1975, 1980's and now a 2010. I always wanted one in Korina, but never had that much money to spend to get one.
  13. TheHarleyMan2

    Emergency question on water damage Need quick answer

    I use just a tad teeny bit of never-seize on my truss rod and nuts!
  14. TheHarleyMan2

    Emergency question on water damage Need quick answer

    That guitar is totally ruined! Better have your buddy ship it to me so I can dispose of it properly! :laugh2::laugh2:
  15. TheHarleyMan2

    This guy keeps winning his own SG

    Could be that he is sending an email to ebay stating the winning bidder didn't pay or canceled the auction under some sort of lame excuse. So if the sale doesn't go through, then ebay can't charge the fees!
  16. TheHarleyMan2

    This guy keeps winning his own SG

    If I watch something on ebay that's listed I will see what it goes for, and I will save it in my list until 2 months later, just to see if it pops back up from the same seller! The first time I saw that SG on auction and someone "won" it, then the following week later I saw it listed again. I...
  17. TheHarleyMan2

    This guy keeps winning his own SG

    Well I am not sure but this SG has been auctioned like 9 times in the last 4 months with no set reserve so the owner must be the winning bidder every time! Here is the last auction that "someone" won AGAIN! (This was like the 8th time this guy listed it, (I had the other listings saved in my...
  18. TheHarleyMan2

    Firebird -"ish" build

    I hear you and ever since you pointed out the issue with yours and I looked at mine I was thinking I may had the same problem. Then I got my Explorer out and started to compare it side by side, without taking my strings and Bigsby off and it seemed it might work. Then I went on ebay and looked...
  19. TheHarleyMan2

    Firebird -"ish" build

    Depends on what he would charge you if anything. If he is going to charge you a $100 You could just look at another set.

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