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  1. Max Max

    Another Epi Price Increase?

    There's no way I'd pay $1000 for an Epiphone. It defeats the whole purpose of the brand.
  2. Max Max

    Good Cheap Strat-Type Guitars?

    I own one, can confirm. Better than the Fender MIM stuff.
  3. Max Max

    Problem With Top-5 RRHoF Voting

    I don't understand why country music artists and rappers WANT to be in the R&R Hall of Fame.
  4. Max Max

    Does cheap and expensive guitars have huge differences on WOOD grade?

    This is going to be a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people on here. Anyone who's worked in a factory making things in America has seen the company they work for, cut corners and cut cost wherever they can. So why would it be different at Gibson. Also, the fact that most production of...
  5. Max Max

    Alec Baldwin's "Rust" film production given maximum state fine for negligence

    If he wasn't rich and famous, with the "correct" political views, he'd be in jail waiting for his day in court. He'd be charged with man slaughter at the very least.
  6. Max Max

    Possible vacuum tube shortage about to occur?

    Does EL-34-B or EL-34-C matter? Will they work in a EL-34 amplifier as long as they're a matched pair?
  7. Max Max

    Bands you never listened to before, but now are glad you discovered?

    My cousin who is also a guitar player had been telling me for years to check out Blackberry Smoke, about a decade after he first suggested it, I started listening to them and haven't stopped. I hope I get to go see them live next time they come to town.
  8. Max Max

    Newly discovered '60 burst at Bristol Guitar Show today - photos

    I bet you're fun at parties.
  9. Max Max

    Newly discovered '60 burst at Bristol Guitar Show today - photos

    I know some people like them but it's a shame people destroyed the tops of these guitars with Bigsgys.
  10. Max Max

    Why New Bands Don't Play Gibson Guitars

    This is a fair point. But Toyota makes much much more money selling Corollas than Porsche does selling 911s. Epiphones are great but it says a lot when the parent company is willing to put their own name on the headstock. It's not like you're trying to fool anyone by doing this, anyone here...
  11. Max Max

    Why New Bands Don't Play Gibson Guitars

    It didn't with Martin or PRS. The whole point of running a business is make money, not to be a cork sniffer.
  12. Max Max

    Why New Bands Don't Play Gibson Guitars

    This was exactly my point. Epiphones are great but they don't say "Gibson" on the headstock. If Gibson did away with the brand Epiphone and put the Gibson name on all their instruments, they'd never have money problems again.
  13. Max Max

    Why New Bands Don't Play Gibson Guitars

    Gibson desperately needs some kind of equivalent to Fender's made in Mexico line.
  14. Max Max

    Which would you give up?

    I don't have a strat but I have a Tele that I love but if it came between that or my Les Paul, I would sell the Tele. Just because I think a guitar with duel humbuckers is more useful than a guitar with single coils. I'll put it this way, I watch YouTube guitar covers where people play songs...
  15. Max Max

    Mesa Boogie Mark V 90W incoming - how to test?

    I'm no expert in Mesas but I know they have knobs in the back and push/pull pots in the front, that most other amplifiers don't have. I would start there. I talked to a Mesa dealer that sold them before Gibson bought them and he said they're fantastic sounding amps but if it breaks, good luck...
  16. Max Max

    Finally found my R9

    Maple tops don't get much nicer than that one. Congrats!
  17. Max Max

    Which foot do you hit your looper pedal with?

    Questions on this forum have to be pretty unique. I mean, God forbid someone asks any part of a question that has been asked before, then you get: USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION!!! THIS QUESTION HAS BEEN ASKED 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times !!!
  18. Max Max

    5 wire Probuckers

    The surgery seems to have been a success, thanks a lot!
  19. Max Max

    Bear in the woods

    My buddy caught this on his trail cam, not far from my place.
  20. Max Max

    5 wire Probuckers

    Thanks for the info

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