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  1. Kashmir

    All Them Witches - "Nothing As the Ideal" (2020)

    For fans of that Pink Floyd spacey sound meets Metal, the latest album by All Them Witches (sounding kind of like King Buffalo and Pearl Jam too) is awesome: All Them Witches - Nothing As the Ideal
  2. Kashmir

    Acoustic Intros

    Here's an interesting list of (Best?) acoustic intros. I'm sure many more could be added though:
  3. Kashmir

    Little River Band

    I just picked up a copy of their greatest hits. I really never knew this band had so many good songs in their repertoire. Such a decent pop rock band over the years. And great harmonies.
  4. Kashmir

    Rock And Other Performer Images

    Add great rock and other photos in this thread. Here's an interesting one I just found of Dale Bozio of Missing Persons, late 80s, at the Channel in Boston.
  5. Kashmir

    Cinema With Beds

    This is the 'VIP Bedroom' screen opened last week in Cinema Pathé in Spreitenbach, Switzerland. Luckily, it has seats as well, as I'd be asleep in minutes. I can easily fall asleep in cinema seats anyway. I don't need a bed - for sleeping anyway. I hope they clean them often enough. You know ...
  6. Kashmir

    Another Greta?

    or Led Zeppelin? Some don't like Greta Van Fleet because of their Zep copy sound. What about Slow Season? At least the vocalist stays truer to himself - kind of. Not that I mind a Plant sound-alike anyway. The more Zep-alikes the better for me:
  7. Kashmir

    Remembering Steve Marriott

    Steve Marriott
  8. Kashmir

    Don't Play Guitar Anymore

    I don't play guitar anymore, primarily because of medical reasons. I worked double shifts and tons of overtime on the railroad for years and didn't have the time anyway, but when I was playing I was quite a lot. With that said, I still love talking music and guitar, which is why I stay here with...
  9. Kashmir

    Snowy White

    Every now and then someone great gets by me. I pick up on most eventually. I've heard of Snowy White, and I knew he was a member of Thin Lizzy at one time, and I was aware of him being the touring guitarist with Roger Waters. But I never paid much attention to his solo career and stuff with the...
  10. Kashmir

    That Dark Sound

    like Uncle Acid, Sabbath, Graveyard, and the Black Angels, etc. Been listening to a few "Dark" bands today. Just love that style (though all are different, and are under different sub-genres): King Buffalo Snowy Dunes Asteroid Mothership Witchcraft The Devil and the Almighty Blues...
  11. Kashmir

    Alcohol and Coffee

    Everywhere last week there were news articles about how bad eggs are for you. They're supposedly linked to early death and heart failure. Now, research is stating that alcohol and coffee (in moderation) will make you live past 90. Alcohol & Coffee!
  12. Kashmir

    Involuntarily Celibate

    So, there's a group of men out there, known as 'incels,' who just can't get women and can't have sex, because, well, women just don't want to be with them. So they think. Apparently, they are 'involuntarily celibate.' And apparently there's a female group of the same, known as 'femcels.'...
  13. Kashmir

    Think I may see Tull one more time:

    At least one more time anyway. Huge Jethro Tull fan here. Though it's a different band now (more like The Ian Anderson Band). Going to miss Martin Barre. Might go see him again, too, eventually. Current line-up: Ian Anderson – vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, other instruments (1967–2012...
  14. Kashmir

    Woman Sues Olive Garden ...

    ... because she was burned by a stuffed mushroom. Maybe there should be a list called "The Great American List of Total Idiots," and her name should be entered on it for eternity. Sue happy nutcase...
  15. Kashmir

    Happy St. Paddy's Day!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to Yez all!
  16. Kashmir

    Concerts - Spring/Summer 2019

    I love hearing about all. Good way to keep up on them. So far I've got tix to Heart, Sheryl Crow, Joan Jett, and Brandi Carlile, collectively. Also, Gordon Lightfoot. Been wanting to see Gord for years.
  17. Kashmir

    Sleep Apnea

    Anyone else have sleep apnea? I've been using the cpap machine and mask for about 5 months now. I'm now on my 3rd mask going on 4. I just can't seem to get used to it. I thought that this mask, a Dreamware Full Face, was going to work, but I can't seem to get it to stay in place without air...
  18. Kashmir

    Jackson C. Frank

    I only heard about this folk singer/guitarist a while back. He's quite talented. Though American, he's much like John Renbourn and Bert Jansch. Though he only released one record, he has been cited as an influence by many singer-songwriters, including Paul Simon, Sandy Denny, Al Stewart...
  19. Kashmir

    Opioid addiction - and those who are really in pain.

    I realize that there’s an opioid crisis going on in the country these days, and throughout the world. But I’m of the group that sympathizers more with the chronic pain crowd than the addicted, or the abusers. Those in serious pain are the ones getting screwed through all of this, in my opinion...
  20. Kashmir

    Job Stress ... and Comfort

    The new Facebook office building in Cambridge, MA. has a music room (complete with instruments), a cafeteria (open all day), a happy hour bar (open afternoon and night), a library full of books, a comfortable movie theater, and quiet rooms in which to nap, all for employee relaxation. Not bad...

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