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  1. George Jetson

    60th Anniversary 1954 Les Paul Custom VOS Black Beauty

    What is the deal with these guitars? The '54 RI hardly seems to show up on the used market. Now all of a sudden there's a bunch of the Sweetwater limited run for sale on Reverb. Makes me wonder if there's something wrong with that run; or is it just a happy coincidence?
  2. George Jetson

    FS: Mint Haze 15w Full Stack

    Putting my Mint condition Haze Full Stack on the blocks. There's a used one listed on Guitar Center right now for $799.99, but I'll entertain lower offers. I am the original owner and it is complete with all accessories and original cartons. Has never left my smoke-free studio, could...
  3. George Jetson

    Mint Class5 Combo

    Marshall Class5 combo amp model C5: • It's version MkI and a half. Original tube layout, but it has the split back panel to reduce the tube rattle. • Mint condition, never left my smoke-free studio. It probably needs a few more hours on the speaker to get it broken in properly. •...
  4. George Jetson

    FS: SG Supreme Lavaburst

    We all get there sooner or later. Letting some of my beauties go. Sorry, cash only, no trades. Up first is a gorgeous flame top SG Supreme in stunning Lavaburst finish. The cap on this one is something special extends the full body length even to the tippy top of the horns. All the old...
  5. George Jetson

    NGD- Tax refund came and went

    I have always wanted a Flying V Custom in Ebony, ever since I saw one in 2002 and for years there were just those 40 in existence. Last month Gibson made a limited run (anyone know how many?) for the first time in 11 years since the inaugural run. This version has some differences: pickups are...
  6. George Jetson

    Return of the Ebony Flying V Custom

    I saw this a few days ago on the Gibson FB page: :cool: Today this showed up at Dave's Yes, it has a Richlite board, but they haven't made any of these in Ebony since 2002. :drool:
  7. George Jetson

    NGD - Best Buy Blowout BC Strat $842

    I was picking up a web order yesterday at my local Best Buy and while waiting for them to pick the order, I moseyed on over to the musical instruments store within a store. Their liquidation of musical instruments continues, but I wasn't really wowed by the prices for anything on their wall...
  8. George Jetson

    50th Anniversary Firebird

    Saw this listed on my favorite guitar site. Has anyone played this yet? Specs look pretty good, but the big photo of the actual guitar makes the finish look awful. Full of orange peel and irregular surfacing. Mahogany body available with stunning Gold Burst finish Mahogany neck with...
  9. George Jetson

    NGD the 3 Amigos

    I recently added the final friend, a Brimstone Burst LP Standard to form the 3 amigos. Nice guitar and totally underrated if you ask me.
  10. George Jetson

    BBCode - Embed Google Documents Collection

    I'd really like to be able to upload a spreadsheet from Google Docs using the format. Any chance that the admins will upload these add-ons that are available from the community?
  11. George Jetson

    Which does not belong?

    Quick, which one doesn't belong with the others?
  12. George Jetson

    Last 50th Anniversary 1-watt Marshall released (JVM-1)

    50th Anniversary - 2000's JVM1 Demo - YouTube
  13. George Jetson

    Buying vinyl fabric for head shell project

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an unusual vinyl covering for my head shell project and hope I can draw on your expertise. It will be a "standard size" head shell say maybe 24"x10"x8"? First question is, how many yards of fabric should I buy, based on a 54" width roll? Second question is, are...
  14. George Jetson

    WTB: Edwards E-LP130LTS Lemon Drop

    I am going to Tokyo next month and this one is on my list. It would be great if I got one before I left, to make more room for another acquisition. Please PM me with your details. Thanks
  15. George Jetson

    Randall is out of the MTS business

    Even though the website still lists these amps, their licensing agreement with Egnater has expired and wasn't renewed. So now the good news is that there are rumors out of Michigan (again) of a new series of modular amps being developed. Bruce is getting his feet wet again by restocking some...
  16. George Jetson

    DGS 30th Anniversary '58 LP Standard

    Dave's Guitar Shop behind the cheddar curtain commissioned the Gibby CS to produce a limited run LP Standard to celebrate their 30th year in business. There are 25 righties and 5 lefties in the run all with unique tops and stains. Here is one they call "Dirty Lemon Burst": They are...
  17. George Jetson

    Dave's GS LP Studio Goldtop Swirl

    I'm not a fan of those "Flood" swirly finishes, but this one is intriguing. Don't know that I would actually buy one though..... And another one in Blue/silver swirl.....
  18. George Jetson

    GC Limited Run '68 LPC Tobacco Burst

    Has anyone here seen one in person and played it? The "Platinum" sales guy was very nice on the phone, but didn't seem to have a lot of details about this model. This is the only source of information I've been able to find on it: Looks to have the JP wiring, but what about the other...

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