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    New Information About Gibson's Lack of Quality Control

    I agree with the Gibson QC issues on recent guitars, the catch is the LP's still sound and look so good, so the QC issues are frustrating, especially for the steep price. Thankfully I got lucky with a new back then 2009 LP Trad Pro that I played in GC. I went in looking for another PRS (have a...
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    Who’s Les Paul Tone Are You Really Liking Right Now?

    Anything by Jimmy Page from "The Song Remains The Same". It's the ultimate tone, just the perfect balance, not thin or the shrill high-gain garbage that most amateurs gravitate to to hide how bad they are. Listen to the solo from "No Quarter" and the "Dazed and Confused" jam improvs, cannot get...
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    You will inevitably buy one simply because of what it is

    I bought my 2009 LP Trad Pro because it played and sounded lived up to the hype. That's all that's important...sound, playability, looks, versatility with coil-taps, stays in tune with locking Grovers..what's not to like. Sort of like Led Zep...some legends lived up to the hype...
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    WTF Jimmy Page rubber stamps his books

    Exactly my sentiments, that's a very good reason to stamp these, not sign. I love the ZOSO stamp, it's the real McCoy symbol, right from legend himself, that I used to write all over my books in school as a kid! My friend and bass player went to the 11/5/14 NYC stamping and not only met Jimmy...
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    NGD: 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro II 50s

    Very nice, you'd be hard pressed to find a better guitar much less at that price. I have a 2009 Trad Pro (not II), 60's neck, I can't find a better sounding guitar, especially through a can't get a bad sound of these Trad Pro's, wish I had that 10db boost though!
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    Whats the worst amp youve ever used with your LP?

    100%. Line6 is the anti-tone. Try stacking tracks with anything Line6, sounds like digital garbage, with ZERO palm mute chunk. My bassist even tried a Line6 bass rig....IT SUCKED SO BAD, they first thing I asked him was "you still have the receipt, right?'re gonna need it when you return...
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    What song is your nemesis?

    Led Zeppelin...The Song Remains The Same, Bron-Y-Aur, and The Rain Song. There's alot more than meets the eye with those for sure!
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    Guthrie Govan with the LP&axe fx II

    Nice job! How about some rhythm guitar sounds from that Axe-fx next? I find the Axe-fx sounds good for leads and cleans, but getting a really exceptional rhythm rock sounds out of it seems to have a bit of that digital honk that can't be dialed out.
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    Trad Pro II & Kluson tuners

    I can't see why someone would want to replace locking Grovers on a new Trad Pro II, I have a Trad Pro and the locking Grovers are great, no need to butcher a great guitar or take a chance to scratch the finish when the locking tuners on it already are GREAT.
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    Wow! Amazing new Amp Simulator!

    The post is appreciated, however I went to the site and listened to the samples...not that impressed, however all clips were death metal, generic, overdistorted type tones. Hopefully it can do more than that.
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    what gauge strings did jimmy page & slash use?

    .009-.042's seem to be perfect, for me anyway...plenty of harmonics on the high strings, while allowing more expressive bending and vibrato, plus plenty of chunk on the low end. Used .010's for awhile and, while lower strings had a little more chunk, they didn't feel comfortable. .009's seem to...
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    Video: Les Paul vs Stratocaster - Tone in the mix

    Both are good. The LP wins. Strat sounds too springy and thin, though it's distinctive. LP has all the beef.
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    Defending Gibson

    Yeah, I saw this tour, it was incredible. Jimmy played lots of guitars, tele's, strats (For Your Life), Danelectro's, etc in his day, and a PRS for WIC in 1998. But he always goes back to the LP.
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    Defending Gibson

    My point was that Gibson's QC isn't as good as USA PRS's (quite on topic), but that the LP tone is worth it. Chill out.
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    Defending Gibson

    Gibson's QC may not be as consistent as USA PRS's (many LP's have badly cut nuts from the factory), but the Gibson's tone is just plain better IMO. I have a USA PRS 1992 CE-24, a great axe no doubt, but my Gibson Trad Pro is the go-to axe when I need the extra tone. Whether it's through a...
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    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Trad Pro II Iced Tea--Best Les Paul Yet!!

    Wow, that's a seriously beautiful top. I've got a 2009 Cherry Trad Pro, best sounding guitar I've ever played, and I've played alot. Coil taps cut nicely without any amp re-adjustment, whereas my 1992 PRS CE-24 coil splits don't cut nearly as well. I thought my CE-24 was unbeatable until I...
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    Still like PRS?

    Still love my 1992 PRS CE-24, but when I bought an LP Trad Pro in 2009 it was a serious tone upgrade.
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    Rush Concert from July 2

    I saw Rush on June 23 at Jones Beach NY, holy shit, they just keep getting better. Lifeson sounded incredible on his LP's, better tone than his PRS's (which are still good), and Lee's voice was great. Peart is a freak on drums, just incredible. But their music and songwriting is what makes them...
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    Live Led Zeppelin weekend

    Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin's studio catalogue and live performances are the sacred scrolls of rock and roll. Rush is also great, but Zeppelin is the tops of all time. Everything is there...rock, blues, folk, prog, acoustic, eastern, celtic, arabian, slide, heavy rock, experimental..and each member...

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