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    PSA, New in Box 2009 R0

    This isn't mine but I thought I'd put this put there. I have great lust but this isn't something I can pull the trigger on. But wow, still with the OE box and all the case candy. I'm a sucker for that finish too. The price seems more or less fair too...
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    Epi 1960 Tribute w/Dr V's and more

    I'm looking to move this guitar. The V's and Emerson were great additions. I'm just more of a SC and Fender guy. This is the long tenon, maple cap version. Locking Grovers. I am not Upfront Guitars, but it is my guitar Neil...
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    Tele and 5E3

    Teles and 5E3's are a great match. Neat the ends Ron mentions the amp and all knobs are "pinned" to max and the channels are jumped. Sure cleans up well Ron's game face........
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    Assymetrical coil humbuckers

    So here's a question. About how far apart in measured ohms would you think a PAF style pickup the screw vs the slug side of a HB would/could/should be? As an example, one side 7.55 the other 7.6? Would there be a great difference? I've been doing some reading and I understand that...
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    Turn G string saddle around?

    How many of you have had to turn the G string saddle around so it is oriented like the 4,5,6 string saddles. The G string saddle is pulled all the way back and I'm still a hair sharp at the 12th fret. Maybe I could/should just get a Gotoh bridge as I understand they have more travel than...
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    1960 Tribute+ vs Gibson R4

    Oh this may please some and piss others off. Conclusion......... Not as far apart in the end product as some would lead you to believe. The end product being the sound the speaker produces. I've had the R4 for 6? years. It's a 2002 I bought used. Love it. Love it. I changed a few...
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    T+ stoptail Zinc or Aluminum

    Title says it all. Would me new stop tail be made of ?????? Just curious. Years ago I had a 56 GT that was Zinc or something other than aluminum. Thanks Neil
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    Grover locking tuners

    So I have a new to me T+ and it has the locking tuners. I've never had these by a YouTube video pretty much says pull the string through not quite taught but not two tuning pegs of slack. Then just tighten and the peg locks the string after some partial tuning. Correct? Thanks...
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    NIGD Tribute Plus

    So now soon I'll have a HB guitar. I've been looking, never too seriously. I played my brothers Knaggs with D. Allen HB's through my Speed Shop 5E3 and was really hit by the sound. I have a Tele I built, a MIM Strat which is so good for the $350 I paid for it used its ridiculous. I have...
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    New A12Q Speed shop speaker released

    I've been waiting for this. I have two 1960 P12Q's from organ pulls. They sound very good, very authentic in a 5E3 especially. I've had the speaker in Ron's A12Q demo he did with the Jr released on Youtube a few months ago. He thought was maybe not quite there. Compared to my '60 P12q's...
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    5E3 owners must watch this

    He talks a lot. He says a lot and you will earn stuff I bet you didn't know. He plays about 20 minutes in. Stay with it and then go try stuff. Neil
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    John Lennon cover (5E3 content) Vocal track added

    Kinda cool Lennon cover with all guitar tracks played on a 5E3 Studio Series chassis into an old P12Q. No pedals, no nuthin'. Never seem to hear this song. It's stuck in my head bad Tweed Deluxe 5E3 Sound Files - Tweed Deluxe Speed Shop by RecProAudio Click on track one "Lennon" Neil
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    FS:Badcat Unleash, Black, mint

    For Sale: Mint lightly used Black Badcat Unleash. All cables, power/Speak-on etc. Like new and just used in the house. Does what it should LOUD or quiet. Never a problem. $350 paypal'd and shipped in lower 48 states Neil
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    FS: Tascam DP-03 8 track recorder

    Tascam DP-03 8 track recorder with built in CD burner. Reverb, compression etc etc. I made some nice recordings with the built in mic. Essentially new in box. I put an hour on it. I had great plans for demos and such but the reality is I'll never do it. I have neither time nor space...
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    FS: Tascam iUR2 MIDI/USB box

    New in box, never used USB 2.0 MIDI interface. See description below $75 shipped and paypal'd Neil
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    First time, 100 watt Marshall OMFG

    A while back a friend bought a 100watt JMP off CL. He got it cheap AKA the guy was firm at $1200 but took $550. It did need some work. It had an effects loop and some other crap in it. A tech took it back to stock. The day he picked it up he stopped at a Pawn Shop and got an old...
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    Hi-Low power switch on 5E3 Watch this demo. At first there doesn't seem to be much difference, not until he switches from low back to high. You really hear it then. I have one of his amps and I may get this done. He usually doesn't stray from an original kind of build...
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    FS: Wampler and Xotic pedals

    $120 Wampler Plexi-Drive. Nice low gain JTM type pedal. Great shape Velcro on bottom $125 Wampler Tweed '57 Tweed type drive with full tone stack and channel jumping feature. Velcro on bottom SOLD Xotic SP Compressor. Perfect shape. No Velcro Very very...
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    Nice 5E3 demos

    This isn't me but I like this guys stuff so here it is. These are new Neil
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    FS: Hellatone 30/ AKA G12H30

    12" Hellatone 30 (Celestion G12 H30) 16 ohm, well broken in..NO WAITING!!!! Sounds great NOW $75 shipped in 48's Paypal Neil

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