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  1. Kolera

    Pickup rings in Seymour D’s “Parchment” color? [solved - pics included]

    Well, if you've read what I wrote, you'd learn that I own both Sheptones and Bareknuckles and even though they're close I wanted those specific Seymours and therefore took a chance on the cosmetics. My opinion on Seymours politics regarding colors is mine and I'm entitled to it. I believe your...
  2. Kolera

    Pickup rings in Seymour D’s “Parchment” color? [solved - pics included]

    I'm not quite sure what brand they are. I think the crazyparts webpage is a bit messy. These are it: I like the bone color too, they seem to lack the pinkish tint which is a good thing, methinks.
  3. Kolera

    Pickup rings in Seymour D’s “Parchment” color? [solved - pics included]

    So I bought a set of bone-colored pickuprings from They're still not as white as the Parchment but I guess I'm not getting any closer without spending excessive amounts of time looking deeper into it. It's close enough for my liking. Process of changing pickups and...
  4. Kolera

    Pickup rings in Seymour D’s “Parchment” color? [solved - pics included]

    Thanks. I requested double creams, SD flat out denied the possibility. I have Sheptones and Bare Knuckles in double creams but for this one I wanted the SD combination of Alnico II Pros and Pearly's. The Bareknuckles came close and sound killer in their own right, but are not quite what I want...
  5. Kolera

    Pickup rings in Seymour D’s “Parchment” color? [solved - pics included]

    Thank you. I know SD doesn’t. I’m looking for someone that does ;-)
  6. Kolera

    Pickup rings in Seymour D’s “Parchment” color? [solved - pics included]

    So I just bought a set of Custom Shop Seymour Duncan humbuckers for my ‘95 Standard LP and double cream looks killer on this 3 piece amber top, which basically was the only reason for the CS option. Alnico II Pro for the neck, Pearly Gates for the bridge. It will sound killer through the...
  7. Kolera

    Any Motorcycle Riders?

    Well, just for the heck of it, for the bikers who might be interested... The last recorded Spring Run: No Name MC 2014 Spring Run Funeral Run for, and with, brother Gøgler: No Name Gøgler 1 No Name Gøgler 2 No Name Gøgler 3 I'd figure out how to do the embedded Youtube-thingy, but yeah...
  8. Kolera

    This what I call "Inspired by Slash" !!!!

    Well, the piece-by-piece copycat with identity issues and really shady sound recording gear is a way better player than me, so maybe I'll just tip my hat in respect of the talent and hope he'll find his own way someday soon. He's good at what he does. Thumbs up.
  9. Kolera

    My '14 Gibson Les Paul Trad in action! What do you guys think about this tone?

    You rock. The tone is great. Well done.
  10. Kolera

    Hercules guitar rack

    I own one. As already said, I wouldn't use it for gigs. It's a pretty solid construction but it's a little wobbly sideways, which I guess could cause problems over time if moved around a lot. Also, I keep my wireless transmitters plugged in all the time and on my Les Pauls the jack gets in the...
  11. Kolera

    Gibson Slash Goldtop?

    Mine was a great guitar and I regret letting it go.
  12. Kolera

    Need your opinions please on thinning the herd

    This. Never let go of a great guitar unless you're screwed.
  13. Kolera

    Your LP's Go-To Strap!

    1" leather from one end to the other. Plain and simple.
  14. Kolera

    Vikings returns !!!

    Actually, I never left :cool:
  15. Kolera

    Show us your unique/quirky/blemished/interesting/not 'perfect' tops!

    :thumb: Top picture shows the guitar in its present configuration. The other pictures are from when I bought it, all original.
  16. Kolera

    Show us your unique/quirky/blemished/interesting/not 'perfect' tops!

    Mine is a '94 3 piece top. At times it seems totally mismatched, it can even look like the centerpiece is in the opposite direction as the two others. And sometimes it actually looks pretty decent. It's kinda of a love it or hate it thing. I love it.
  17. Kolera

    Let's see those double-creams!

    1994 Standard
  18. Kolera

    So... I'm going to be a dad in about 8 months...

    Congrats! Don't be terrified, just roll along with it and enjoy, that's all you can do anyway. First 6 months is mostly about baby and mother, dad's kinda on the side line. Help all you can. After 6 months is when the fun stuff begins.

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