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  1. eddie_bowers

    Compressor with a Les Paul

    On humbuckers the increased low frequencies tend to overtrigger compressors in an unpleasant way. Even though it’s marketed for Bass the Calli76 Bass has a side chain high pass filter that you can adjust so that doesn’t happen. The compressed signal itself is still full frequency. Also in...
  2. eddie_bowers

    So did the tube shortage reach apocalyptic heights?

    I was already thinking of getting an additional set of spares when the invasion looked eminent. So I bought one extra set. Enough to last me many many years. It was way ahead of the “scare”. I had a couple of friends who lost tubes when things were at the worst. They couldn’t find the tubes...
  3. eddie_bowers

    Monoprice 15W tube amps - 2 versions, which to keep?

    OMG I so relate to this I like the looks of the V1. It just looks more like a vintage TV front amp.
  4. eddie_bowers

    Cable length

    Personally I wouldn’t put a buffer first. Any pedal that is engaged will effectively be a buffer so as long as all pedals aren’t bypassed or at least one has a buffer your good. Many fuzz and drive pedals don’t sound quite right with a buffer between them and the guitar. AFTER the buffer you...
  5. eddie_bowers

    Cheap and easy way of protecting individual pedals

    These work great for this: They may not look like the right shape but the material stretches to fit a pedal well.
  6. eddie_bowers

    Tonal variations from pole pieces?

    The wound strings tend to have less harmonic content with your typical humbucker. Especially the transients. Single coils and humbuckers designed to sound more like single coils give you more of that piano like wound string tone.
  7. eddie_bowers

    Anyone Use Noiseless Pickups

    I know right? I can’t recommend them enough.
  8. eddie_bowers

    Tips on changing nut location

    I have come to the conclusion that the nut location on my bulldog kit (built years ago and played a lot) is wrong. It’s too far away from the first fret making open notes flat if everything else is in tune. The nut slots have been deepened to reduce too much sharpening of the first two frets...
  9. eddie_bowers

    Removed humbucker screws and LOVE IT!!!

    If it works for you it works. The super easy way to brighten a dark neck pickup is to simply put a .033 cap in series with the hot lead from the pickup. It still sounds thick like a neck pickup should but it lowers the output and brightens it (it’s a high pass filter). If that doesn’t make it...
  10. eddie_bowers

    NGD!!! Les Paul Modern!!

    That’s fantastic. I have kept away from these because they used to have weird finishes. This one is great.
  11. eddie_bowers

    Big Bends Nut Sauce, WTF?

    I still like GaphitALL. I finally ran out of the old tiny tube I had distributed by GHS. Now you can buy it directly from Renee Martinez
  12. eddie_bowers

    Anyone Use Noiseless Pickups

    I have the Kinman P90 noiseless which are stellar. In my strat I have the Dimarzio “Area” pickups and I really like them. Maybe not quite as good as Kinman but damn good. That strat is on loan right now to a friend who hosts jams. He knows nothing about what pickups are in it or other little...
  13. eddie_bowers

    Anyone Use Noiseless Pickups

    Go for the Kinman p90 noiseless. They are absolutely fantastic. Sound like the real deal to me and I can add compression or gain without hum.
  14. eddie_bowers

    Gibson revives legendary Maestro pedals brand with five new stompboxes

    I built a clone of the fuzz. I like it a lot. Not sure how well the new one replicates the tone. Differences in transistors make a huge difference in how they sound.
  15. eddie_bowers

    Screwing down the stop bar all the way

    It appears to me that Gibson neck angles have been steeper than in the past. If you set the stop bar for the proper break angle this puts it ridiculously high. So many deck the stop bar and top wrap just because it looks better.
  16. eddie_bowers

    Ok to leave strap on a hanging Les Paul Standard?

    My straps never get removed. mine of my Les Pauls I have had for 38 years and no problems at all. I think the strap material matters though. if you don’t use stap locks, keeping the stap on keeps the strap holes tight. I also use the rubber washer trick but I have never had a strap slip off...
  17. eddie_bowers

    How many custom silverburst were produced?

    well in the last 7 or so years it appears to me to have yellowed more than the first 30. it does spend a lot of time in its case when not being actively played. It’s still not bad though. I should get an updated photo.
  18. eddie_bowers

    How many custom silverburst were produced?

    its hilarious indeed. Compared to what my main guitar is now (LP with P90s) though this guitar is super mellow sounding. this is the guitar about 25 years later.
  19. eddie_bowers

    How many custom silverburst were produced?

    OK, now I have to share my senior photo with mine (84 LP, but photo in 86) :laugh2:
  20. eddie_bowers

    How many custom silverburst were produced?

    Mine is an 84 with the stock flip out winders and Gibson branded Khaler tremolo. If I could go back in time I would not have ordered it with the tremolo, but it is a bit unique. Great stock Shaws in that thing.

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