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  1. Matty

    Atomic Ampli-Firebox.

    Just a teaser so far, it will be officially unveiled at NAMM. Tom King has mentioned you can load 3rd party IRs via USB though. :thumb: Looks like a cool little device, if it has the Plexi model in it it may be my perfect modeller. :thumbs:
  2. Matty

    New Amplifire from Atomic.

    Looks like it might be a 12 switch floorboard, hopefully with expression pedal. Should know more by the end of the weekend. :thumb:
  3. Matty

    The artist formerly known as matmont1305....

    ...has changed his name by deed poll to Matty. :thumb:
  4. Matty

    The Unofficial Orange OR15 thread.

    Got my OR15 yesterday, sounds like Rock'n'Roll. :dude: Post random thoughts and rambling here, just to save hijacking everyone else's threads. :D Here's a pic to get things rolling. :thumb: Colour coordinating FTW. :cheers:
  5. Matty

    NAD Yamaha THR10C

    Righto, let me start by saying what this amp is not. It's not a stage amp, nor a rehersal or jam session amp. It's a practice/noodling tool. And it's pretty bloody good at it. The 10C is the low gain boutique modelling version, theres a 10X for high gain and the original THR10 for a more...
  6. Matty

    Happy New Year!

    It's that time again. To get scrubbed up (and it's not even Friday :D ), pull on the good britches and hit the town for a night of merriment. :beer: I wish all you cool cats a very Happy New Year, and hope you have fun doing whatever it is you've got planned. :naughty: Anyway, have fun, stay...
  7. Matty

    Vintage Tokai LS80's - Let's See Them!

    As the LS80's seem popular right now I thought it'd be cool to share some pics of some cool guitars. :thumb: I know some had solid flame tops too, so don't be shy.... '81 Love Rock
  8. Matty

    Happy New Year!!!

    As it's approaching 6.00pm here and I'm half sloshed and about to stumble out the door to let the end of year debauchery begin I thought I'd take the time to wish all of you good folk a happy and prosperous new year. :thumb: I look forward to many NGD threads, guitar porn aplenty and some good...
  9. Matty

    Marshall 4001 Studio 15

    For Sale: Marshall 4001 Studio 15 amp. All tube 15 watt Marshall combo amp from the 80's. Quite rare, these little terrors are loud enough to gig with, sound great turned to to bedroom levels, offer the same headphone trick as the Class 5 (plug the speaker into the headphone socket for an...
  10. Matty

    Good tube/valve online stores.

    Can anyone recommend a good seller of NOS tubes that is in or ships to Australia? I'd like to try some NOS tubes but it's pretty daunting trying to filter the good from the bad, it'd be good to know of a trusted store to deal with. Cheers guys.:thumb:
  11. Matty

    Advice needed - Vertical 2x12

    Hi all, I want to build a vertical 2x12 with a slant top but can't find any plans or dimensions for them. Would it be feasible to halve the width of a Marshall 1960a 4x12 slant cab? I have plans for these so that would make it easier. The speakers will be a Scumback M75 on top and a H75 on the...
  12. Matty

    NGD - Wulfmans EG59-100

    Well she arrived just in time for my birthday :) Love it, best guitar I've owned so far, lighter than my Burny Custom and roars louder too :dude: I'm really liking the Dry 82 pups, the bridge one especially. Anyone contemplating buying from Wulfman have no fear, he's great to deal with, a good...
  13. Matty

    Opinions appreciated.

    Good evening all, could I trouble you fine folk more knowledgable than myself on your opinion of this guitar clickity click >>> Epiphone Gibson Japan Les Paul Fujigen long tenon(440 (eBay item 180655967714 end time 29-Apr-11 22:04:57 AEST) : Musical Instruments Epiphone Les Paul, Fugijen...
  14. Matty

    Tokai Reborn construction ?

    Hi all, I've been searching for info on the reborns and I think I understand the differences between the models, 3 piece tops, 2 piece backs, pickups, finish etc. What I can't seem to find is info on construction differences and timber quality (not aesthetic) between the LS50/60 and the higher...
  15. Matty

    Help rewiring my 80s Burny Custom.

    Hi all, I,m about to rewire my Burny as it has a few electronic issues, scratchy output jack and pickup selector switch, so I thought I would do the job properly. Has anyone got the definative parts list of top quality components, including wire type and guage, any tips or tricks or any...

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