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  1. Breakrite

    1983 was a good year

    83 128. Coming up on 40 years old next year. It just makes me think that a ‘59 would have been 40 yrs old in 1999, but that just seems strange. Original owner. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of it.
  2. Breakrite

    1980 Mk2 50 watt

    The Mk2 of the Beast... Sorry, I just get a kick out of its serial number...:naughty:
  3. Breakrite

    CC#17 Louis pictures, post yours

    I've been playing it quite a lot, and other than the funky simulated back of the neck wear, it's very enjoyable. Took time for a few new pictures. Let's see yours!
  4. Breakrite

    HOG 50th redeaux

    The sun came out.
  5. Breakrite

    Classic Picture from the Past

    OK, so I'm looking through the closet and I find an old box of pictures. Good God....It's in my old apartment when I was stationed at Ft. Hood Texas. I mean, in 1978 everybody had guitars, a Baby Ben Alarm clock, nunchuks and a poster of Ted Nugent didn't they? :laugh2: 1973'ish SG...
  6. Breakrite

    LP pictures from a sunny day

    The sun was shining, so picture time of the LP's. Louis 2014 Custom 2013 Pro 1980 Spotlight 1983
  7. Breakrite

    iPhone for recording ideas Mistakes and all. Mic'd into iPhone about 2 years ago. Acoustic in one quick take as a scratch pad.
  8. Breakrite

    CC#2 on eBay

    Didn't know if this was already posted, but I didn't find it. CC#2 on the bay. Gibson Les Paul Goldie Collectors Choice 2 Serial 10 15 First Run of 15 Made | eBay Wish I would have bought one when they first came out. Edit: Oh wait, I just saw the photo with the "toes" in it. This is already...
  9. Breakrite

    NGD CC#17 Louis

    Just unpacked, and it was perfectly in tune and intonated. Wow. Got to share a few pics.
  10. Breakrite

    NGD-60th Anniversary lesser

    NGD. Picked up one of the cheaper 60th Anniversary Strats. Satin finish neck is great feeling. 3rd Strat, but very different from my others. Never played the high priced 60th, but I'm sure it's nice. Gettin' my Trower on! My other two. 1996 Lone Star and a 2001 American.
  11. Breakrite

    NGD with older model

    Should arrive next week. Made a reasonable offer to seller on eBay and was accepted. It's a 1980 Les Paul Pro, ebony. I had a '78 of the same model I bought new and have always regretted letting it go in '84. Glad to get another from the same era. Love the P90's. Don't know the weight, but...
  12. Breakrite

    Post your Spotlight's, orig or reissue

    I'll start. I know there's at least a few I've seen on here.
  13. Breakrite

    Capo Rag (a song)

    Hope this works. Single take, acoustic only. Still working on it. Yeah, there is a clunker note in the beginning, but this is my scratch pad so I can remember it. Capo Rag by Breakrite on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  14. Breakrite

    Photos: 3/4 Guitar Compared to Full Size

    27sauce has kindly corrected my misunderstanding about 3/4 guitars, and I didn't want to leave up incorrect information. I felt it better to delete the photos. Thanks 27sauce, that knowledge lesson was not wasted. Previous message body deleted.

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