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  1. Mr Insane

    Anyone own a Buckethead?

    A kitten gets kicked in the face every time someone necro-posts. Think of the kittens you soulless bastards!
  2. Mr Insane

    The "Out of Stock" game

    I started considering a new guitar this weekend. Checked Sweetwater's website, they were out of version and finish of that guitar. Checked Guitar Center just for giggles, same deal. Out of curiosity, I looked up new LP Standard's just to look at the finishes...all out of stock. Just a bit...
  3. Mr Insane

    NGD: '99 LP Std Ebony

    Congrats on a beast of a guitar!
  4. Mr Insane

    NGD: SW 50s Standard Iced Tea Burst

    that's a great looking guitar!
  5. Mr Insane

    Best poker chip - ever.

    My favorite is "Cease/Desisit"
  6. Mr Insane

    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    what should the price range be for late model Tokais?
  7. Mr Insane

    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    Seeking opinions on this Tokai I've been thinking about tobacco/dark burst LPs for sometime, and at 1 grand less than a new Gibson, this one is tempting me.
  8. Mr Insane

    Getting rid of cigarette smell and fretboard grime - ozone generators

    Yesterday I played a year old SG I am interested in, I didn't know a guitar could hold that much cigarette smoke. Amazing guitar to play, but it would definitely take some time and effort to get rid of that funk.
  9. Mr Insane

    What's your Les Paul neck preference?

    '50s, I like I like fatter necks. But in saying that, I tried the Epi '55 Custom tribute, too big of a neck for me.
  10. Mr Insane

    Trying to track down a harsh frequency in my live tone.

    I think I've solved the problem by dialing up the mids on the amp block. Not that they were scooped to begin with. For live the Helix is connect right into FOH and I monitor with in-ears.
  11. Mr Insane

    Trying to track down a harsh frequency in my live tone.

    I put in a high cut around 10 to 9k, usually lower 3k and/or 5k in my Line 6 Helix for playing live. But somewhere it still sounds ice-picky or metallic when playing live. I wouldn't describe it as fizzy. I'm about to record in my DAW to find what's sticking out. As mentioned I would have...
  12. Mr Insane

    EQ settings for Bogner Uberschall? (for my Helix)

    The Placater has been my go-to as well. Right Now I'm wanting to experiment with the models I ignore.
  13. Mr Insane

    EQ settings for Bogner Uberschall? (for my Helix)

    I've heard other people get great tones from a Bogner Uberschall. Sounds like it has a lot of "harmonic" content. Every time I try to experiment with the Uber model in the Helix, the results are...ehhh. What are the EQ magic spots for an Uberschall?
  14. Mr Insane

    (Video) Legendary Tones Hot Mod 2 + Studio Classic (JCM800 20W)

    I have a custom made boutique amp that is supposed to be a copy of a Friedman, never could get it to sound as "modern" as I wanted. If I ever get it out of storage, the Hot Mod would be a consideration for me to try.
  15. Mr Insane

    2nd Greco Mint Collection Score this Month

    that burst is pretty sweet!
  16. Mr Insane

    Friedman Naked Mk2 VS. Wizard MTL Mk2

    Both Friedman and Wizard make amazing amps Would you happen to be friends with Michael Nielson? He did a video of the Friedman Naked amps a couple weeks ago
  17. Mr Insane

    Line 6 HX Update 3.1

    An exciting update for sure. I heard some youtube clips of the Rockerverb model, it can sound pretty good. I experimented with the new hall reverb last night, it is now my reverb of choice for ambient playing. Was most excited for the Retro Reel tape effect. With home studio recording and...
  18. Mr Insane

    Will the Helix LT fit in the Headrush backpack?

    A backpack would make transporting my Helix to-and-from easier. But I am a cheapskate and am not paying $170 for the Helix backpack. The Headrush backpack is $99. Will the Helix LT fit in it alright?
  19. Mr Insane

    NGD - LTD EC-256

    The only thing I am going to change out is the crappy aftermarket pickup in the neck position. No complaints about the hardware. I haven't noticed any issues with the nut. I am very picky about fret quality. No issues on this guitar. This one was used and listed for $399 USD, and I just...

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