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  1. kevinabb

    Fulltone Going Out Of Business

    Was his name Jack?
  2. kevinabb

    Fulltone Going Out Of Business

    Is Jacknipple one of those confusing new gender identifiers? I mean, when I hear "Jack" I think male. But when I hear "nipple" I think ... umm, HEY what a shame about Fulltone closing, huh?
  3. kevinabb

    Fulltone Going Out Of Business

    No, Reverb them for the bargain price of $130. Plus typical Reverb shipping cost of, say, $96.85.
  4. kevinabb

    Fulltone Going Out Of Business

    If you did would you be "they?"
  5. kevinabb

    Neck profiles: chunky C-Shape vs U-shape

    Thank you for this! It's the first diagram I've seen that clearly shows what I've tried to communicate to others. C, D, U and V are decent general descriptions but there is probably no universal font that informs every mind's eye. The key for my comfort is that the neck must, at some point, be...
  6. kevinabb

    For the last time (yeah, right!)

    Wait ... my lawsuit guitar was not actually in a lawsuit? I'm gonna sue the seller!
  7. kevinabb

    Does a goldtop sound different than an IDENTICAL LP with regular nitro?

    I think my post wasn't ridiculous enough to keep people from taking it seriously. I just don't want to play the "YouTube Concrete Guitar video" card yet. :wow:
  8. kevinabb

    Does a goldtop sound different than an IDENTICAL LP with regular nitro?

    That's a good point. I suppose I should have used a more secular example, maybe like how the wood in an old television vibrates so freely when it hits the ground after being lobbed from the third-floor balcony of a Holiday Inn, thus developing finish cracks that are similar to checking.
  9. kevinabb

    Does a goldtop sound different than an IDENTICAL LP with regular nitro?

    >> Lacquer IS a porous finish, and a lot softer than poly, therefore is less constricting. Thus allowing the guitar to vibrate more freely, which affects it's overall tone. << One reason why older guitars sound even better is that they develop checking. This reduces the constriction of the...
  10. kevinabb

    Is this legit?

    Stop disrespecting the COA guy! He's a prince from a small African republic that just held a lottery which you won. :fingersx:
  11. kevinabb

    What Happened to Eric Clapton?

    Thanks for linking that video. One of the commenters had an interesting thought: "Clapton is like a different animal on a Gibson. Its like this whole other man comes out and plays the guitar. Reminds me of his Cream days. He plays the Fender when he wants to conceal the monster."
  12. kevinabb

    Late 70's Frets Question?

    I'm a fan of low, wide frets. I mowed enough lawns and delivered enough newspapers during junior high to replace my $24.95 K-mart guitar with a 1968 Gibson SG. It had low frets and I learned to play on those. Since then I've preferred low frets. I bought a number of used Norlin-era Gibsons...
  13. kevinabb

    What Happened to Eric Clapton?

    Eric talks about this extensively in his autobiography, which you might enjoy. He said he had grown weary of the "Clapton is God" idolatry so he sought refuge in Delaney and Bonnie and Friends, a band with roots in rural blues and folk, usually standing near the back of the stage playing rhythm...
  14. kevinabb

    Okay need some advice please

    This is so good it's worth repeating.
  15. kevinabb

    Okay need some advice please

    I love a sensible thread with sensible answers, and I didn't realize the R8s got so much love! I've had a number of R8s and R9s, all were from 2010 or earlier. I'm a fat-neck guy - my R7 is perfect and I loved every R8 - but the R9s were all very comfortable. I preferred the R8s simply because...
  16. kevinabb

    Factory Burst or 50th Anniversary?

    Savon, you posted this pic of the Factory Dark Burst: Did you end up buying it? I'm wondering if this picture is close the real-life color. I'm looking at a Factory Dark Burst online but every picture they send me is slammed with overly-bright lighting, so the guitar looks like it has a...
  17. kevinabb

    What is your personal favorite historic finish?

    Yep, the wood has a lot to do with how the color appears on the finished product. I'd assume the color gradation would be impacted by depth of grain, etc. And I've seen multiple pics of the same guitar from different angles, and the color looks very different. You guys are killing me with...
  18. kevinabb

    What is your personal favorite historic finish?

    I voted "Other". It was always Tobacco or Dark Burst. Then I saw Bourbon Burst and that did it. Until I saw a Gibbons Burst. Done. I think that every Friday afternoon at Gibson is "Assembly Line Airbrush Day". They randomly choose line workers to create their own Burst pattern, then the...
  19. kevinabb

    Don't you hate it when no matter how many times you say "STAY",.................

    That is just beautiful! And the black ebony board w/ white HW is a natural. Sweet!
  20. kevinabb

    Oh my!! Love the blue!!

    LOVE blue Lesters. Here's a LP Elegant in a rare color. I've never found this color documented on an Elegant, so I don't know its "official" name. It is not Manhattant Midnight Blue - it's more transparent than MMB, with more green/teal in the mix and a bit less purple. For reference, the one...

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