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  1. GuitarDean

    RIP little Tele. Thanks USPS

    "It was not in a case, but the guitar was in a combed cotton pillow case to protect the finish... then wrapped like a cocoon with the big hard bubble wrap, then corners padded... and all in a super duty cardboard box that let top and bottom flaps overlap completely (to double up the wall...
  2. GuitarDean

    RIP little Tele. Thanks USPS

    That guitar is totally fixable... and it still sound, and will play fine after the fix.
  3. GuitarDean


    Meatwad, you live in Cincy?
  4. GuitarDean

    My wife's take on Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.

    LOVE Whiskey and Bourbon so much that I even named my band American Honey (ie Wild Turkey's "American Honey"... Fireball... not so much
  5. GuitarDean

    Did I make a huge mistake?

    DO NOT DO AN EVEN TRADE... You're throwing away money.... can you afford to just buy it back, do so if you can! and the 58RI's aren't slouch guitars. Good Luck
  6. GuitarDean

    Nice album review on

    Most Excellent!!! It's nice when your work gets recognised, puts a spring in your step don't it!
  7. GuitarDean

    Embarrassed for Sir Paul?

    I'd listen to Paul on an off night anytime vs most of the new "talent" these days. Was he good that night, no, but he is still better than us, so deal with it LOL
  8. GuitarDean

    Jack Pearson PROVES it's not the guitar that matters!

    I know Jack and lemme tell ya, that guy has got some major chops. He is also a pretty chill dude, he loves to talk shop and will gladly sit back and talk guitars with you. If you have a good looking lady on your arms, he will stay even longer LOL
  9. GuitarDean

    Fulltone Clyde Deluxe vs Vox Satriani Big Bad Wah

    Those are two entirely different sounding and kinds of wahs. If you do more rock and blues, the Fulltone will do the job, if you are more into metal and shredding, the Satriani is better suited. Best bang for the $100 Buck ( I THINK its still under that) The Vox Clyde McCoy wah... Pretty much...
  10. GuitarDean

    Music Man 212 HD One Thirty

    Clapton used Music Man 212's for a number of years (Strats, not LP's) in the late 70's, early 80's?) before switching back to Fender and Marshall Combo's. They were designed by Leo Fender after leaving Fender and starting his new Music Man brand. Personally, I love them and would kill to have...
  11. GuitarDean

    Volume pedal

    The Ernie Ball Vol. pedals seem to be the most rugged and are always a great idea, whether you are playing lead or rhythm guitar. One additional thing though, contrary to a long held thought, you should NOT place it first in the chain, esp if you are using any kinds of OD's and Wah's, you want...
  12. GuitarDean

    Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Pedal

    The tracking is outstanding and there is NO latency what so ever. It is the best new pedal put out by anyone in YEARS... add a Tech 21 Roto Choir Leslie simulator and you have a keyboardist who is playing guitar... add an amp splitter and one side can be keyboards and the other electric guitar...
  13. GuitarDean

    Macy's parade

    Jesus... its a parade float, not a custom shop number, I was just happy to see them there. Relax and enjoy the parade
  14. GuitarDean

    Killer pedal combinations

    RT.1 EH-B9 into a Tech 21 Roto Choir for a straight organ sim RT.2 FullTone Full Drive into a EH-B9, Tech 21 Roto Choir into a EH-Cathedral Reverb Unit for everything from Deep Purple to Steely Dan to A. Franklin
  15. GuitarDean

    What is your favorite scale?

    Any scale thats shows Ive lost 10 pounds
  16. GuitarDean

    Suggest some gig fashion and how to build that image!

    &%$# that... dress to fit YOUR style, not whats on stage... if ya get famous, you'll have people to handle that. Otherwise, a reasonably cool shirt, jeans, and play your guitar will be all that you need
  17. GuitarDean

    Teach me about George harrison!

    George's slide playing, it its absolute best... stunningly beautiful... and his last release.
  18. GuitarDean

    Teach me about George harrison!

    Add Welders additions of Chuck Berry, Elmore James, Muddy Waters and a few more ... and add in folks like Duane Eddy and those other early Twang driven rock-a-billy players and you got it. To wrap it up, George once said in an interview early on in his playing he "took the time to learn/steal...
  19. GuitarDean

    Beyond Angkor: How lasers revealed a lost city

    Wow... thats tasteless
  20. GuitarDean

    Electro-Harmonix B9 in dah house!!

    It's all over our new CD that we are recording right now, Mike. How good is the sound? My drummer came in to do a bit of work, listened tothe reference demo's and said "Who's the keyboard player, that Hammond B3 is killer" LOLOL Told him it was me, using a couple of pedals. He absolutely refused...

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