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  1. Gibsonrocknroll

    Dave Mustaine Les Paul 2023
  2. Gibsonrocknroll

    Cigar Box Guitar

    I always wanted to build a cigar box guitar. Well, here it is. 25 inch scale neck. Mini humbucker with volume and tone controls..
  3. Gibsonrocknroll

    Sweetwater Gear Exchange

    Sweetwater Gear Exchange similar to
  4. Gibsonrocknroll

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar
  5. Gibsonrocknroll

    1960 Gibson Les Paul Found In Closet
  6. Gibsonrocknroll

    Yamaha THR30II External Speaker

    I have a Yamaha THR30II. I just use it in the living room. I want to add an external speaker. The back of the amp has a Left and right line out. I read I would need a powered speaker. Has anyone tried this. Any suggestions which speakers would work. I was looking into a Headrush FRFR-108. Thanks.
  7. Gibsonrocknroll

    Gibson Historic Truss Rod Cover

    Genuine Gibson Historic Truss Rod Covers. Very good condition. Three available. $35 each or $90 for all three shipped PayPal. Original packaging and screws not included.
  8. Gibsonrocknroll

    FS: Dunlop EP103 Echoplex Delay Pedal

    Dunlop EP103 Echoplex Delay Pedal. Brand new in the box. Includes 9V DC power supply. $170.00 shipped PayPal.
  9. Gibsonrocknroll

    FS: Catalinbread MXR Pedals

    All pedals are new. Price includes shipping to the lower 48 states. Method of payment is PayPal. Catalinbread Echorec $200.00 Catalinbread Belle Epoch $180.00 Catalinbread Naga Viper $150.00 MXR M169 Carbon Copy $120.00
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    I just replaced the strings on the 12 string neck on my EDS-1275. The old strings were fairly new but I wanted to replace them. After I installed them I tuned them with a polytune 3 and did the string stretch and retuned the guitar. The tuner says all the strings are in tune but they sound out...
  11. Gibsonrocknroll

    Happy Birthday Jimmy Page

    Happy 78th Birthday to the great Jimmy Page. One of the most iconic Gibson guitar player.
  12. Gibsonrocknroll

    Gibson USA Full Factory Tour

  13. Gibsonrocknroll

    Tall Humbucker Pickup Rings

    Hi, I'm trying to locate tall humbucker pickup rings in black like the historic ones. I can't seem to find any other then the vintage specs ones that cost an arm and a leg. Most places I checked are out of stock. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Gibsonrocknroll

    Les Paul's #1 Goldtop

  15. Gibsonrocknroll

    Les Paul's #1 Goes Up For Auction
  16. Gibsonrocknroll

    String Sling

    I posted this in the backstage forum but I figured I'd post it here because this forum seems to get the most views. What a gimmick $40.
  17. Gibsonrocknroll

    The String Sling

    Now I seen everything. What a gimmick $40.
  18. Gibsonrocknroll

    NAD: Yamaha THR30II

    I have the Yamaha THR10 which is a great practice amp. I upgraded to the THR30II. This is a monster amp.
  19. Gibsonrocknroll

    Happy Birthday les Paul

    Happy Birthday to Lester William Polsfuss June 9th, 1915.
  20. Gibsonrocknroll

    Gibson les Paul Screwless Pickguard

    I have two Gibson les Paul Standard Faded models. Both models came without the pickguards installed. These guitars have been this way for years. I always wanted to add pickguards but I did not want to drill holes. I had the Bobby Lee pickguard but I didn't like the look. I recently found a...

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