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  1. flquacker

    Jet City Appreciation Thread!

    My 20's cool...with it's customized name plates :) But I play the Ibanes TSA15 more.
  2. flquacker

    PAF-ish Poll (now with FREE PICKUPS!)

    LOL..Too funny right there :laugh2:
  3. flquacker

    PAF-ish Poll (now with FREE PICKUPS!)

    What's a PAF.....:love:
  4. flquacker

    How About Those Vox AC4TV Combos?

    I've sent a personal apology to bluesguitar65 if I enticed addt'l negative comments. Now I'll say it publicly. I'd love to hear a redo, with the MICS clocked to each.
  5. flquacker

    How About Those Vox AC4TV Combos?

    :thumb::thumb: (But MIC placement is playing a factor in the tone) I can hear it in the headphones...pan left, center, pan right I own a 10" :D
  6. flquacker

    Long time promised demo, Skatterbrane WaterBranes!

    Very cool acoustics...if "untouched" :thumb:
  7. flquacker

    Belated NAD!!!! Vox AC4TV you can blame her for all the future purchases :thumb:
  8. flquacker

    good, clean solid state head

    One on the bottom :naughty: Made in the U.S.A.
  9. flquacker

    Standard Vs Classic?

    Because you don't own a black quilt :D A 2001. LOL...Baseball bat!
  10. flquacker

    Help with DIY Muff Fuzz build

    I'm not sure if this will be of any's from JD's site concerning the "Muff Fuzz". There are good pics and schematics at General Guitar Gadgets if needed. But you may already be aware of those. Q1 E - 0...
  11. flquacker

    Fender HRDx 'White Lightning'

    ben tole uder places too :cool:
  12. flquacker

    NAD!!! Hughes n Kettner Tonemeister 18!!

    Love em :D
  13. flquacker

    Let's See Those Kustoms

    Old ones yes...the new Coupe series is tube as are others. Very nice from clips I've heard. Local guy has one for sale.....
  14. flquacker

    Line 6 Pocket POD

    ...and the little hooks on the battery door break when it hits the floor just right :rolleyes:
  15. flquacker

    Need HELP! with Pickup height screws

    Black Humbucking Screws |
  16. flquacker

    Any rumors regarding Epiphone?

    HA!! I LEARNED that profession on youtube :wow:
  17. flquacker

    Line 6 Pocket POD

    +1...mine too
  18. flquacker

    Super Champ XD- $199 at Sweetwater

    That's a good Sweetwater doesn't have em yet :hmm:
  19. flquacker

    On the fence again, NOS Blues Jr for my Class 5

    Why not...that's the fun I find in this gig :D Trying different stuff. Benefit of changing/swapping/trading/getting rid of gear is it don't sue for alimon(e)y and don't require child support. I'm with Chunky..I loved my BJ at home.
  20. flquacker

    Magnet swap, help!

    SO no excuses now for getting lost while playing your guitar :rolleyes: day I'm gonna take on a magnet swap. Threads like these will get me thru it. :applause:

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