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    Took a year, but now I love my Standard 50's.

    I sold my Les Paul Studio Raw Power a few years back, and missed the fat neck on that guitar, despite being a thin neck guy. I love super strats, but when it comes to a Les Paul, I think a fat neck is very important. So, I bought a 50s Standard in 2020. I could never jive with it though...
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    Why is Gibson using the wrong string spacing on the bridge pickup for the new standards?

    When I first bought my 50s standard, I viewed a ton of them online, and it drove me nuts that the pole pieces on the bridge pickups on most standards never seem to line up with the strings except for one or two of them, and these photos were taken dead on straight ahead on sites like sweetwater...
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    Mystery Gibson pickups from my '91 Explorer

    Hi guys, a while back I pulled 2 Gibson pickups from my 1991 Gibson Explorer 76 reissue and threw EMG's in it. I decided to clean the Gibson pickups and put them in my new Les Paul Standard 50s. I had assumed that they were 496r and 500t, however they aren't labelled. The one with the patent...
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    Do not buy the D'Addario Auto Lock Strap

    Brand new guitar, few days old, brand new strap from Amazon, 1 hour old, here are the results. I've reached out to D'Addario to express my disappointment. That ring is a permanent scratch dug into the finish, it's not just skid marks from the protective rubber on the strap.
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    Case for Gibson LPB-2

    Can anyone recommend a form fitted case for the Gibson LBP-2 bass? I'm looking for something that is molded to the Les Paul shape, and not a generic foam-pick or empty rectangular interior.
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    Personal Guitar tuning and Serial number Spreadsheet

    Hi guys, for a few years now I've been keeping a notepad document of my guitars, I call it the StringManifest.txt file with the tunings and strings I use, but more recently added serial numbers of my instruments, thinking about insurance. Here is an example of mine (I have about 20 instruments...
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    Hard to Get a New Standard '60s Unburst With a Nice Top

    All the websites where you can see individual serial numbered guitars, the tops just don't look that great to me. Of the 2 that I did like, either the pickguard was a little misaligned, or the neck had tool marks on it. Then I saw one guy on this forum who ordered one from musicians friend, and...
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    Reseller Top Grading or Gibson Factory Grading

    On sites like Wildwood Guitars or Zzounds (or any authorized Gibson dealers, I'm not singling out these folks), when they list a Les Paul Standard 60's or 50's guitar with a AAA top and upcharge it, is the top designation from Gibson with a note in the warranty card, or are these resellers...
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    Advice needed for guitar bought on reverb regarding fret work

    Hi guys, I just bought an early 2000's LP standard on reverb and can't get the action low enough, and when checking the frets with a fret rocker, it seems the 10th fret is higher than 9 and 11 in the center of the fretboard and lower than 9 and 11 on the bass side. There are a couple other...

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