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  1. winexprt

    New True Historic Finishes Discussion

    From the Gibson Custom Instagram page this morning. True Historic 1960 LP Standard in Vintage Lemon Burst
  2. winexprt

    New Pickup Cover Day - ReWind

    Just got these in the mail from James at ReWind. Great service & fast shipping. Very happy with them. :D I tried to take pics in different lighting with different angles for us geeks.
  3. winexprt

    WTB: Blank VOS Historic Switch Cover

    Hey all. I'm jealous of all you guys who have late '13 or 2014 Historic LP's. You guys got the extra blank switch cover as part of your case candy. My early '13 R8 VOS didn't come with one. I want to replace my Gibson Custom medallion with a blank one. If any of you feel like parting...
  4. winexprt

    A Young Eric Clapton Demonstrates the Elements of His Guitar Sound

    As it was Clapton's birthday yesterday I thought I'd share this pretty cool video of a 23 y.o. Slowhand explaining some of his techniques. I love the lit cigarette stuck in the headstock. :) Excerpt taken from the Cream Farewell Concert here...
  5. winexprt

    GoPro video from T-72 tanks in Syria's war zone Intense. I was infantry (11B) when I was in the army. You could never get me in one of these death boxes. The knocked-out T-72 @ the 41:00 mark is my case in point. :wow: :shock:
  6. winexprt

    Man tries to hug a wild lion, you won’t believe what happens next!

    Beautiful & touching (and a little crazy). GoPro: Lions - The New Endangered Species? - YouTube Man Tries to Hug a Wild Lion, You Won't Believe What Happens Next! But I won't ever be attempting what this guy did. Needless to say if I saw a fully grown male lion galloping toward me I'd...
  7. winexprt

    2015 Porsche 911 Targa 4

    Me want...BAD! The new retractable roof system is absolutely amazing! I remember the old Targas from the '70's & 80's that had a hard, fixed roop piece that you had to manually remove and store either in your garage or in the trunk. This is such a vast improvement. The 911 Targa is back. -...
  8. winexprt

    Just met Jimmy Vivino from Conan O'Brien

    He just came in to the wine shop I manage in Midtown West. Cool dude. Very nice. Of course I had to mention I was a fan of his as well as a fellow Les Paul lover. I mentioned to him I was a hobby player and bought a R8 this year that I love. He said R8's & R9's were great guitars and he asked...
  9. winexprt

    Vicious Taekwondo fight between two girls

    :D Girls Taekwondo fight - YouTube
  10. winexprt

    Premier Guitar Article About Relicing

    Last Call: Someday You'll Regret That Relic Job Last Call: If You Relic Your Guitar ... | Premier Guitar Interesting opinion piece about relic'd guitars. Personally I'm not a fan of heavy artificial relicing. The VOS treatment on my '13 R8 is about as far as I'd like to go.
  11. winexprt

    NGD: 2013 R8 Sunrise Tea Burst

    Had her for a couple of weeks now but it's time for a proper NGD. 2103 R8 in Sunrise Tea Burst. 9 lb's of endless sustain and gorgeous vintage tone. She really looks like a 50 year old instrument in person. Nice DARK fingerboard as well. Bought here from MLP member buckwild who I can't...
  12. winexprt

    That's not a Gun - THIS is a Gun!

    Clerk Thwarts Robber Armed With BB Gun - YouTube This idiot's lucky he didn't get shot!
  13. winexprt

    20 Iconic Rock Star Move GIFs

    My top 3: Etc. Moonwalk Animated GIF and More Rock Stage Moves | Music News | Rolling Stone Discuss...
  14. winexprt

    FS: 2002 Epi Elite Custom (Black)

    It's with a heavy heart and an fierce case of G.A.S. for a 2013 Historic that I announce that I'm offering my 2002 Epiphone Elite Custom for sale. These really need no introduction. Phenomenal quality, fit & finish. I do not think you will find a more pristine example for sale anywhere. It's...
  15. winexprt

    Pickup Magnets Explained

    I found this very educational. Hope you do too! Magnets explained
  16. winexprt

    My 2011 Traditional Plus has GONE LOCO!!

    Black is white. Up is down. Or more accurately...Treble is now Rhythm. My Traditional's switch tip was a little loose so I went ahead and tightened it. That resulted in the entire assembly spinning around. Apparently the washer was loose. So I moved the tip back into position and tightened...
  17. winexprt

    Best FoxNews Segment...Ever!

    Starting about 2:30 in: YouTube - 'Why I Fight'

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