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  1. dcooper

    charvel or jackson?

    I used this years ago still play it some, my son uses it sometimes. Picture is from years ago, came with tweed charvel case only one I've seen
  2. dcooper

    Brand new LesPaul with very crooked tailpiece

    your rear pickup looks way high lower it and then lower the bridge
  3. dcooper

    Very Rare Gibson Limited Edition Les Paul Hard Shell Case in White

    I've never seen one like that before. Very cool!
  4. dcooper

    Gold Hardware Acceptable on Customs?

    First time I saw a custom I new I had to have one
  5. dcooper

    Precision LP SP Kit-Nearly Done

    I really like the color and plastics... nice combination :applause::thumb:
  6. dcooper

    LPR7 with factory installed Grovers?

    2002 with grovers,
  7. dcooper

    How to lube a nut using #2 lead.

    this is what I use on most of my guitars
  8. dcooper

    Gibson Les Paul Maduro Brown in action!

    really nice, music. thanks
  9. dcooper

    Show me your wine red!

  10. dcooper

    Custom Shop Gibson Les Paul Custom One Pickup

    That is one of the nicest looking guitars I've seen. good luck, I know how it goes I have a son in his sophomore year in college myself.
  11. dcooper

    Is this for real - '88 Les Paul 'oddball'

    It is an Oddball guitar based on the Les Paul standard, with custom features such as Tim Shaw pick-ups and RS super-pots and caps etc were the rs pots available in 88?
  12. dcooper

    Gouging out the Fretboard?

    like someone else has said, no need to press the string to the fret board. The note is made at the fret. Cutting your fingernails is another thing said that can help
  13. dcooper

    Really not digging my new 1958 R8 reissue. Am I crazy?

    like a lot of guys here I change pickups, controls, hardware, etc. But I always lower or raise the pickups to find the best sound and match the bridge to neck pickup volume. I tend to keep my neck pickup low below the pickup ring. I set my pole pieces pretty standard to most setup...
  14. dcooper

    pete slouch

    cool song, thanks
  15. dcooper

    NVGD- Keith Nelson's old 1957 Les Paul Special

    It may need a little more relief. The first few frets will fret out if the relief is not enough.
  16. dcooper

    What year is this Gold Top?

    I have a 92 r6, got it at willcutt. it has p100 pickups that look like they were the original pickups, have you guys ever checked yours?
  17. dcooper

    Sharp frets vs warranty; any hope they're covered?

    that's a really nice fret job
  18. dcooper

    Dean Zelinsky guitars direct???

    I like the white one. may buy one , i have a lot of les oauls and srats dennis
  19. dcooper

    Serial Number starting with "V"

    nice looking guitars

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