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  1. Lousyatit

    Italian Job Question

    Those of you who have experience with multiple TM guitars, how consistent structurally were his builds from one guitar to the next?
  2. Lousyatit

    "Italian Jobs"

    Do you have an "Italian Job", or was yours found in a muddy field? Time to fess up! If you have one feel free to admit it. I have one and am damned glad that I do.
  3. Lousyatit

    FS Boss RT-20

    Boss RT-20 Rotary Ensemble Leslie simulator pedal with the box in like new condition, $135.00 shipped. BOSS U.S. - RT-20: Rotary Ensemble
  4. Lousyatit

    FS: Weber 1230-55

    This is Webers version of the Celestion G12H30. This is a 30 watt, 16 ohm, 55Hz speaker. Completely broken in. $65.00 to your door in the lower 48.
  5. Lousyatit

    I Need A Favor

    Would someone host a photo for me in this section....Please?
  6. Lousyatit

    Sound City

    Anyone appreciate these? I'm interested in your opinions on the L100 and the 50+.
  7. Lousyatit

    Oil caps

    I have NEW manufacture oil caps. Values available are .022 @ 600v and .047 @ 600v. The .022's are $6.00 each and the .047's are $7.00 each. Shipping will be as close to the actual shipping cost as is possible. These are the Mojo brand caps.

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