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  1. ehamady6

    White Les Paul Custom Build

    It must be a more "comfortable" weight than an actual Custom. I like it!
  2. ehamady6

    What is ruining my tone

    Why haven't you isolated the issue by removing pedals and cables? That's basic troubleshooting 101. You have us all shooting in the dark saying "try this" and "try that".
  3. ehamady6

    What pickups do you like for LP Customs?

    I load my Custom with active EMGs. I go for a Cannibal Corpse tone and they work! IMO, the hotter the pickups the better. I can always tone them down with my Fractal AX8 but never do. Pickups are so subjective.
  4. ehamady6

    Pickup Rings?

    I changed rings to add another personal touch. Customization rules and I can't leave well-enough alone anyway.
  5. ehamady6

    NGD CC7 Shanks is here

    +1 :thumb:
  6. ehamady6

    Is ny truss rod ok?

    I did a 1/8th turn adjustment to the truss rod in my Custom in 2008 and haven't had to touch it since.
  7. ehamady6

    New Bigsby Day (Les Paul Custom B4)

    Looks like it could be a V.BLOCK:
  8. ehamady6

    Les Paul Customs

    I got my Custom because of my idol Randy Rhoads. I bought it new in 2008 and haven't come across another Les Paul model, or any other guitar for that matter, that I like better. It's just a great hunk of wood. I tried over a dozen Customs until I found the Impaler. Unplugged, it was twice as...
  9. ehamady6

    Is this a real custom?

    On my Custom there isn't any space between the "CS" (Custom Shop) and the number, but I have seen them like this: It looks real to me.
  10. ehamady6

    Yes, there will be Iced Tea 2017 LP Traditionals

    Looks a tad clowny.
  11. ehamady6

    NGD Les Paul Custom '71

    Ebony Customs rule.
  12. ehamady6

    Best Locking tuners for Les Paul ?

    I put Grover locking tuners on my Custom. Best tuners I've ever had.
  13. ehamady6

    Can you knowledgeable folks confirm this as a true Custom?

    The split diamond is too small. Fakes rarely get this right: Here's how it looks on mine:
  14. ehamady6

    What's your opinion? **Sniffs cork**

    The pickguard gives it Jimmy Page mojo.
  15. ehamady6

    Weight relief

    I might hear an insignificant difference between a chambered and non-chambered when they're unplugged, but they sound the same to me when the pickups take over.
  16. ehamady6

    Happy Happy Day, Thanks CreamTone and Gibson Restoration

    LPC headstocks rule. The split diamond is both beautiful and iconic. It always grabs my attention when I open the case.
  17. ehamady6

    Sad Sad Day, thanks brown truck guys

  18. ehamady6

    Thoughts on purchasing the les paul body.

    The project would be a good learning experience. You never know, you might come across a wiring and hardware configuration that helps you achieve your dream tone. Go for it if you have the time, patience, and money.

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