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  1. Crusader Rabbit

    PRS Private Stock Santana

    Well, too many guitars says the wife, so this has to go. PRS Private stock #2265 - Blue Crab Blue Santana II. 57/08 pickups with coil split (Amazing single coil tone!), solid rosewood neck, ebony knobs and pickup rings. Guitar is mint, has been stored packed and in climate controlled...
  2. Crusader Rabbit

    Headstock break - Sydney Luthiers?

    Hi guys, I need a hand. My SVOS has got the classic Gibson Headstock break in transit, (Through from the heel, although not through the front of the headstock, I think the laminate and maybe 1/2cm of wood is all thats holding it on) Strings were slacked off, but what can you do? Apart...
  3. Crusader Rabbit

    Ideas on a good travel guitar?

    Hi fellow MLP'ers, Work currently has me covering a lot of countries in a very few days. I am thinking of picking up a travel guitar to keep me company. (Can't take the wife...) :thumb: Things I care about: Size and weight (Obviously) - Fitting in an overhead travel compartment would...
  4. Crusader Rabbit

    PRS Family shot (And NGD)

    Finally got all the PRSi in the same country! You'll have to excuse the photography skills... Obligatory Couch Shot Latest Addition: Pauls 'Dirty 100' Modern Eagle II Private Stock Santana Hollowbody II
  5. Crusader Rabbit

    2001 Dickey Betts goldtop Q

    What are the neck profiles like on these? Anyone got one? Opinions? Thanks in advance guys.
  6. Crusader Rabbit

    Firebird X - Who's got/spent time with one

    Come on, we won't laugh, I promise... :cool: Seriously though, anyone here spent some time with one yet? Is it as lame as we all fear? Are there any redeeming features or is it just firewood waiting to happen?
  7. Crusader Rabbit

    Technical NGD - PRS Private Stock

    It's KIND of a NGD. :hmm: This baby is at home now in Hong Kong, but it will be a month till I get to play it. (Sellers Pics, Although Mrs opened it up to check it was in one piece and said, "Oh THAT one is Pretty!") The anticipation is killing me Private Stock Santana II Solid...
  8. Crusader Rabbit

    Bonamassa WIN!

    I am in Hong Kong visiting the Fiancee, and whilst wandering around town, I walk into the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre (I was actually kinda lost and looking for a Yum Cha place....) That guy on the poster with a Gold LP looks familiar... JOE BONAMASSA! :shock...
  9. Crusader Rabbit

    You know what sucks about being overseas?

    Not being able to go to this! It's a pretty sweet lineup.:cool:
  10. Crusader Rabbit

    Page style wiring for Dummies (i.e. Me)

    Hey all, I love my #1, which is an 'Inspired by' Slash VOS. It's stock, so the SD Alnico Pro II pickups neck and bridge. What I want to do is to add the versatility of a coil split and out of phase options. I've been looking around and it looks to me like the best (and easiest) way to do...
  11. Crusader Rabbit

    Dinged the PRS! :( Let's see your 1st/worst Dings!!!

    Well it had to happen :( I am deployed to Timor with the United Nations (UNMIT) which meant I could only bring one guitar (I know, cruel and unusual punishment, right?) So I bought the PRS Hollowbody II. Unplugged, sounds great, Plugged in, sounds awesome. (It's rockin' a SD Alnico Pro II in...
  12. Crusader Rabbit

    Cast your mind back - What was that axe?

    This is kind of a crosspost. FLickoflash just posted a vid of the Steve Vai 20th anniversary guitar reissue in the other guitars section and I remembered when it first came out. I also remembered that I was in high school in Taree on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia. With my beat up...
  13. Crusader Rabbit

    NGD! - PRS Hollowbody II

    It's here! :D A shiny (Flamey!) brand new 10 Top PRS HollowBody II.
  14. Crusader Rabbit

    NGD - Slash VOS (Modded)

    Finally, thanks to a fellow MLP'er and not before some little issues with customs, my SVOS has arrived. Let no-one ever say that a plaintop cannot look great, this is a beauty. It also plays (for me) better than any other LP I have put my greasy little strumming hands on. I think it's the...
  15. Crusader Rabbit

    NGD- Fender CS Relic '51 Nocaster

    So... I have been getting all bluesy recently, and it was new guitar time. I have had a couple of strats and never bonded with them, don't know why, so I thought 'Maybe a Tele?" This was the FIRST one I tried, and it was awesome. I spent the rest of the day in other guitar shops trying...
  16. Crusader Rabbit

    FS In Sydney Australia. Murphy Aged & Signed 'Inspired by' Slash #030

    I am absolutely destroyed for having to do this... I am moving countries and have to get rid of a lot of gear. I have a Slash VOS coming from another Forum member, which will become my #1, and as such I have to let the Murphy aged and signed go. (I will regret it in 20 years... I know it...
  17. Crusader Rabbit

    If you could only have ONE guitar...

    ..What would it be? I just ask because I am moving countries and have a few guitars and it got me thinking. (NO, I am not cutting back to just one, but I think I will have to cull a couple.) For me, it would be my Murphy aged SVOS. It just does whatever I want it to do. Except improve my...
  18. Crusader Rabbit

    Let me pick your brain on neck Profiles (Slash content warning)

    Here's a quick one. Love the Slash neck profile, don't want to pay the premium (again) for a 'Slash' Gibson. Not a mega Slash fanboy. (I await the flaming:rolleyes:) I could make the assumption that the 60's slim profile would be the closest, since I have one and they seem close but it...
  19. Crusader Rabbit

    NGD - My Woman from Tokyo - '57 Black Beauty Reissue

    Here she is. Picked it up in Tokyo (Ochanomizu... Guitar Heaven!) earlier this month. A 1992 Reissue '57 Black Beauty ('57 classic pickups, nice and smooth...) The gold hardware was a bit beat up, whoever owned it sweated a lot... I replaced it. I think i'll hang onto the old stuff...
  20. Crusader Rabbit

    Gibson Custom Serial Number.

    Hi guys, Just trying to work out what the serial number of the LP Custom I picked up recently tells me about it. (I got it in Tokyo, so the conversation with the store owner was a bit vague. I paid about 1500AUD for it, so it was a bargain in any case... Unless it's a fake :shock: Plays...

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