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  1. gkelm

    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Standard Double Cut

    Picked this up on sort of a whim…pretty top and great deal. Really surprised how much I like it. It’s a 2006. I’ve grown accustomed to historics, and on paper this thing has some “unpopular” boxes checked…but I can’t help but have fun playing it!
  2. gkelm

    WTB: pickguard and back plate for a Gibson LP Traditional

    Need a guard/bracket and back control cover for a 2013 Traditional. Anything out there? Thanks!
  3. gkelm

    Epi Les Paul 50s vs 1959

    Hey— I’ve owned quite a few historic LPs, and have that whittled down to two I really like. But I guess I’ve got drawn in by all the Bonamassa Lazarus talk, so... The 50s is $649 and the 1959 is $849. Besides the tenon, nut, pickups, electronics, and perhaps the hardware, what’s the difference...
  4. gkelm

    SOLD: 1998 Ibanez Prestige S2540

    I was a big Ibanez fan the 90s and earlier 2000s...owned lots of nice ones--RGs and S models. Of all the S models, the Prestige S2540--made in Japan, was my hands-down fave, so when I found this one locally I had to pick it up. It's not getting much play time, so it's on the market. It's very...
  5. gkelm

    FSOT: Tom Anderson Angel

    I’m having a fun floyd run...But can’t keep them all, so time to let this one go. Absolutely fantastic guitar, but I think I’ve become more comfortable on a 22 fret neck. This guitar cost over $4k new—2014, roasted neck, killer top, ss frets...plays like butter and sounds great. It’s is overall...
  6. gkelm


    EQD Pyramids--Does classic flanging/chorusy sounds, plus a lot more cool and weird stuff! Has several modes and even programmable presets. It's in excellent shape with manual & box. (Velcro tastefully applied, but can be removed at the buyer's request.) $220 shipped/PP/ConUS Trade interests...
  7. gkelm

    SOLD - Unfinished strat bodies - USACG, Allparts

    Cleaning out project parts that I’m apparently not going to use! These are all what I consider ideal bodies for traditional vintage fender builds...nice light weights and grain patterns. USACG alder strat body - SOLD Allparts alder strat body - SOLD Trade interests: - Strat neck with floyd...
  8. gkelm

    SOLD: Celestion & Scumback

    Celestion Heritage G12-65 - SOLD Celestion Vintage 30 - SOLD - 16 ohm, Excellent condition - Came to me in a JCM800 combo and swapped it out Scumback M75-16 25w - SOLD - 16 ohm, Excellent condition, nicely broken-in - This and the speaker below were my absolute favorites in my Germino...
  9. gkelm

    FS: Lovepedal, ZVEX, Basic Audio, Montgomery Appliances, Vintage Umi Wa wah

    Have these on Reverb as well... Lovepedal BBB Black Balance - Handwired and quite versatile! - $180 shipped/pp Basic Audio Lucky Number - Flexible fuzzy! - $130 shipped/pp ZVEX Distortron - In nice shape - $80 shipped/pp Montgomery Appliances Buzzaround - Gorgeous handwired build--it rips! -...
  10. gkelm

    SOLD: Rockett, MI Audio, Rimrock, EQD, Vintage MXR Distortion +

    70s MXR Dyna Comp - SOLD on Reverb MI Audio Crunch Box v2 - SOLD on Reverb EQD Tone Job - SOLD on Reverb Rockett Dude - SOLD on Reverb Rimrock Mythical OD - SOLD on Reverb FOR DETAILS AND PICS, PLEASE CLICK BELOW: Thanks!
  11. gkelm

    FS: Floyd strat necks (Fender and Aftermarket flamed), Wilkinson vintage style trem bridge

    Offers welcome! Wilkinson vintage style tremolo bridge - $35 shipped/PP - No bar or claw screws Fender MIM Strat Floyd neck - $100 shipped/pp - The guys at Charley's Guitars in Dallas make parts guitars occasionally...this was an employee modded neck (best I can tell it's MIM). The back...
  12. gkelm

    WTB: Truetone Onespot CS12 power supply

    Looking for a used CS12. Have goodies for trade or will buy outright. Thanks!
  13. gkelm

    SOLD: ZVEX, Hermida, Lovepedal, Amptweaker, Boss

    Have these on Reverb in case my ad disappears from here. ;) Seymour Duncan Teak Fuzz - $49 shipped Arcane Analog Face-bender (Fuzz Face+Treble Booster) - $139 shipped/pp ZVEX Wah Probe - SOLD Amptweaker Tight Rock Jr - SOLD Hermida/Lovepedal Tiki Drive - SOLD Boss OS-2 - SOLD Lovepedal D-Mod...
  14. gkelm

    SOLD: 2014 Gibson 58 Reissue Les Paul - iced tea gloss

    Going to try to limit myself to two Les Pauls, so this beauty is up for sale. It’s a 2014 R8...1958 RI LP with a fantastic flamed top in iced tea. Checked all the boxes for me—substatial neck without huge shoulders, dark board with nice grain, iced tea gloss finish, killer top, and comfortable...
  15. gkelm

    TRADED: Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive - $89 shipped/pp

    Pics/info on Reverb! TRADED
  16. gkelm

    FS: Walrus Audio Defcon 4 - SOLD

    Holiday special! Price dropped! It’s minty. See reverb for pics/ preamp/boost/EQ. SOLD Thanks!
  17. gkelm

    SOLD: 1998 Ernie Ball Music Man Axis flametop!

    Really cool guitar but want to explore a couple others. SOLD on reverb Mostly interested in trading across to an EBMM Petrucci with piezo, or down to a Charvel Pro Mod. If you have a trade offer please PM and include pics/details. Might do partial trade on cool pedals. Please see reverb ad...
  18. gkelm

    WTB: Charvel Pro Mod - San Dimas or So-Cal

    Previous thread disappeared? Oh well... I've been on a Floyd kick and would like to pick up a Charvel--player condition is fine but should be priced accordingly. Trade fodder here... Thanks!
  19. gkelm

    SOLD: Neo Mini Vent, SUF, Lovepedal, Hermida, Digitech, Mission

    Stomp Under Foot Red Menace - SOLD Digitech Vetura Vibe - SOLD Neo Mini Vent II Rotary - SOLD Mission Aero EP-25 Expression w/trs cable - SOLD ProAnalog Devices Power Driver v1 - SOLD Bearfoot Bone Bender MKI - SOLD Retro-Sonic Analog Delay - TRADED C.O.B. Clone - SOLD Keeley Aria - TRADED Mojo...
  20. gkelm

    FS/FT: 2011 Gibson Les Paul Classic plus - nice flame! SOLD

    I'm LP-heavy at the moment! (...if that's indeed a possibility?) Please see Reverb for details: She weighs a tick over 9 lb., and has upgraded RS harness and switch. Really impressive fit and finish! I...

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