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    FB really sucks

    I have a great nephew. 2 yrs old and obsessed with music. Has 3 or 4 guitars, a banjo, a harmonica and probably others. He plays them every day. LOVES to watch Billy Strings and "play along" on his guitar. Today his dad( my brother's son) posted video of him playing his harmonica. I told him if...

    Bike night tonight

    Playing a bike night at a local lake bar. So I get to ride my Harley to a bike night then play music.(wife is driving up with gear) I bet I have a good time

    Father in laws guitar (video)

    I told you guys that my wife's family gave me her dad's guitar when he passed away. I put a pickup in it (one of those journey tek ones. Like a k&k pure mini)I was playing close to her brothers house last night and he asked me if he came, would I play his dad's guitar. I played this song for...

    Thinking of changing careers . Salesman to meteorologist

    Only job that you can always be wrong and still get paid. Supposed to have been a huge nasty storm here last night. My gig rescheduled to tonight because of the forecast..... nothing, not one drop of rain.

    Vocal Harmonizer pedal

    I am tired of the constant issues with the tc helicon harmony singer pedals. Do any of you use something different that you can recommend?

    Some of you are starting to influence me

    Verified a band gig for this coming Sat. Owner said yes 3-6 for $xxx. I said no that's not what we agreed to. That's 1/3rd less than last time we played there. She said yes but last time your pay was a big chunk of our gross for the night. I told her I saw them turn away more than one group of...

    A word of advice

    If a venue says they have house sound... make sure they have someone who knows how to run it.

    Juggling schedules sucks

    There is a bar I have played several times...pool with a swim up bar. The scenery is very nice. I have been trying to get the band in.... owner just messaged asking if we can play Friday night.... bass player has inventory at his work. I have had to decline 4 dates solo because I was already...

    Stupid simple delay pedals

    If you were giving a 3 year old (my pedal skill level) a delay pedal that they could easily set and forget, which one would it be? I have a D Seed and don't like it. Too many options (yeah I know). Which delay pedals do you recommend, analog or digital?

    After gig depression??

    Can any of you relate to this at all? . After a gig, especially a really good one with the crowd into it and my vocals and playing on point. I have a really hard time calming down enough to sleep. BUT after that... the next day or 2 I get severely depressed. Like crying in my beer depressed...

    How do you decide?

    I am not seeking advice... just conversation. If you decide you need to thin down your guitars how do you decide which ones go. I have way too many guitars... some I cannot let go because they were gifts others I decide they gotta go then I get em out and play em and just can't justify letting...

    Has anyone ever connected two boards?

    I play in a band...all acoustic...... I play solo acoustic and electric. I NEED 2 separate pedal boards because with the band I use reverb and that's pretty much it. Solo I have a wah...chorus....phaser....reverb....delay and wanting to add an overdrive. I also use a shure wireless and a...


    None of you guys have probably ever heard of him. The best guitarist in this area IMO. Battled cancer over and over and over his entire life. One of the most selfless people I have ever met. My last text message to him said "I wish you well. You are one of the very few truly nice people that I...

    Telefunken m80 mic

    I need (want) a new mic. I called up Sweetwater and told my rep why I felt I needed something different and he recommended this to me. I have a shure sm58. He said this would give me more crisp , less muffled vocals given the fact that I basically swallow the mic when I sing. Anyone have any...

    A broken promise

    I said I was not gonna post any more bar gig stories but I gotta tell you guys about last night.... as I posted in another thread I was breaking string like snapping raw spaghetti. Young guy walks in with a guitar in a gig bag up on his back. Head shaved on one side tattoo's around his neck ...

    Gotta be a record

    I broke 6.... yes SIX strings during tonight's gig. 2 separate Martin 000-15 guitars..... 3 G strings.... 2 D strings and 1 A string. All 6 broke BEHIND (not at) the saddle right at the winding and 1 honest to God broke when I was NOT playing . The song had a pause in the music. I stopped...

    Pedal chain order help

    I am clueless about pedals and the proper order they should be in. I know this has been discussed but I figure everyone has different pedals and situations so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. ..... my situation is that I switch between acoustic and electric guitar during...

    Bad day in the woods when you can do this

    BTW Sprout is my sons nickname.

    I hate dogs

    Not really , but my American Bulldog has discovered that if he leans against the door of his crate and pushes he can bend the door enough that the latches pop loose and he can get out. So far we have came home a couple of times and he has been loose. No damage to anything but I can just see him...

    Old wood tele..... maybe

    I have a couple of boards (no idea what) from the porch of the house my mom grew up in in Ky. None are big enough to cut a body out of but my mom's brother does wood working and has a planer, joiner etc and said he could plane em down and join em together to make a blank. Is there anyone on...

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